Upcoming Motorcycle Events in 2022

Motorcycle events around the United States for all riders to attend!

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We’ve created a database of motorcycle rallies, group rides, multi-day biker events, and more for you to choose from. These are for riders of all experience, though we encourage you to read up and choose events that are suitable for you and whoever you’re traveling with. Most of all, we hope you find an awesome adventure (or 5) to go on!


KS Bike Run
(1st Sunday of every month):
This monthly one-day run is a great tradition located in Cassoday, Kansas. Convenening each first Sunday of the month from March to October, the original group of riders was the Christian Bikers Association. They kept building out their riders until the group represented a strong contingent of locals and visitors alike who just want to share the quaint small town vibes and the passion for motorcycle riding in Kansas.

Thunder on the Street
(June 4th, 2022)
Pleasanton, Kansas puts on a show for this combination motorcycle rally and blood drive. Soldiers for Jesus hosts fundraising for a number of charitable foundations while simultaneously entertaining it’s participants for an afternoon of riding adventures. This family event captures the ethos of taking care of our own in the motorcycle community while helping any and all in need.

DuQuoin Mile
(July 25th, 2022):
An action-packed day of racing, free-riding, and checking out awesome machinery awaits you at the July DuQuoin Mile in Illinois. While this is an experience for riders of all skills, there is often a bit more serious of a crowd at the Mile, as the focus is on racing and high-performance bikes. Nonetheless, there is always the party spirit and camaraderie that comes along with any motorcycle rally in Illinois, so be prepared for a raucous time.


Springfield Mile
(September 3rd 2022):

Illinois loves iconic competitions, and the Springfield Mile certainly qualifies as one of them. With two different race flights for spectators to enjoy alongside a heap of food, drinks, and motorcycle activities, you’re going to want to get tickets to this classic before it sells out. This Harley Davidson and Law Tigers sponsored event has been a national event since 1937, so you’re taking part in one of the longest-running national traditions on the motorcycle mile racing circuit.




Central Texas Rally
(June 9th-11th, 2022):
This Round Rock, Texas classic is a summer ride that attracts locals and tourists alike. With multiple group rides and awesome giveaways by sponsors such as Harley Davidson, Law Tigers Texas, and Wind Therapy Freedom Riders, the group vibe is very relaxed and community-oriented. Don’t mistake that for being a quiet time, though – there is plenty of music, drinks, and great vendors to bring the party during this weekend event.

Ladies in Leather Parade and Rally
(September 8th – 11th, 2022):
College Station, Texas, is home to the preeminent ladies’ ride and rally in the country each year. Though anyone is welcome to attend, the focus is on empowering women through celebrating sisters who take the lead on life’s adventures. The group rides and rallies all have significant messaging about unity and support for women in riding, and it is a caring group that wants to bring joy to the motorcycle community and life in their own unique way.

Crude Roundup
(September 11, 2022):

El Paso, Texas is a terrific place to head to in the fall. The weather is nice, the people are hospitable, and they know how to show their motorcycle riders a good time. The 4:44 Show is a riding and racing showcase for the public held at the Epic Railyard Event Center each year. This year includes Flat Track racing, as well as sound-off competitions along with all the typical group rides and rallies!


Peoria TT
(July 30th, 2022):
The Arizona desert and Peoria’s amazing motorcycle culture play host to a 1-day race in August. There are Twin Races, Singles, and Supertwins scheduled, as well as side rides and other attractions for riding enthusiasts who don’t take part in the track portion. Make sure to head to the great southwest for a celebration of high-speeds and the motorcycle community in Arizona.



Memorial Day Blowout
(May 27th-30th, 2022):
Gulf Port, Mississippi, is no stranger to hospitality and a good time, and their Memorial Day Blowout highlights the best of both worlds. Motorcycle riders from around the nation are welcome to join in for a weekend of gaming, riding, live music, and a party to remember.

The Patriot Ride
(August 6th, 2022):
Sponsoring the Wounded Warriors of Mississippi, this sprint of an event takes place in Gulf Port each May. Put on to support the men and women who are in service, it also acts as a community-building event for those who love to ride and enjoy life. The connectivity between motorcycle riders and service people has always run strong, and the spirit of this event is all about giving people the best opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Hot Springs Bike Fest
(June 9th-12th, 2022):
In its namesake location of Hot Springs, Arkansas, this fall festival highlights the union of the great outdoors and Southern riding spirit. There is a ton of different lodging to enjoy around rides, hikes, fishing, and games. There is live music to listen to, beverages to swill, and one of the nicest communities of motorcycle riders in Arkansas to connect with.


Lace, Grace, & Gears
(June 23rd-26th, 2022):

Arkansas knows how to show support for its communities – and this one spans ladies, riders, and veterans all at once! The largest Female Rider Rally around takes place in Rogers and has a dual-purpose party as it supports women veterans. Simultaneously, there are countryside rides and raucous gatherings to show off the motorcycle community all at the same time, so be sure to head on down this June for the Parade of Sisters.



Angel Hands Foundation Ride and Event
(May 14th, 2022):
A Murray, UT poker run and ride that also raises money for a good cause – how could you not want to partake? Co-hosted by the Law Tigers, this ride supports children in the AHF program by donating $.97 of every dollar raised. Sign up today for the 18th annual fun run and make sure to see what great group rides and meals are surrounding the actual event as well!

The May Ride
(May 21st, 2022):
Come on down to San Marcos, California, this May to get a down-south riding experience created by two great friends. Clint August and Marc Baluch were just a couple of Harley enthusiasts who wanted to put on a charitable fundraising event, and it has turned into one of the biggest group rides in the area. Now in their 17th year, they have over 5000 people attend the festivities after each ride.

Realities Ride and Rally
(August 26th-27th, 2022):
The 21st annual Memorial day weekend ride is going to be a 5-stop rally this year. The whole motorcycle community of Fort Collins, CO seems to make its way out along with national and international riders who want to take part in group rides, poker runs, breakfast, and live music. Come show your support and raise funds for children that are silenced by abuse all while getting to know the best rides in CO.


Salute to American Veterans Ride
(August 19th, 2022):
Cripple Creek, CO, has a strong culture of motorcycle enthusiasts as well as support for veterans. These two intersect for one day in August, as the group rides to celebrate veteran riders is a celebration of honor, tribute, and taking on challenges in life.


Upcoming National Motorcycle Events

Daytona Bike Week
(March 4-13 2022):
This official Harley-Davidson-Sponsored event is celebrating its 80th year of romping and riding in Daytona, Florida. There are self-guided tours available of the Daytona Speedway, as well as motorcycle rally biker parties throughout the week. This is one of the largest motorcycle events today, so be prepared for a true spectacle.

Outer Banks Bike Week
(April 1-23, 2022):
A Harley-Davidson sponsored motorcycle week is always a good time. One of the premier spring riding events on the eastern half of the United States, this North Carolina classic is celebrating its 18th anniversary. Southern hospitality, food, and riding spirit will be on full display this year, so come prepared.

Thunder Beach
(April 27-May 1, 2022):
Thunder Beach is back for its 21st annual rally and rides in Panama City, Florida! This action-packed weekend is a party that highlights the Full Throttle Florida experience while bringing bikers from around the globe together to celebrate the community. There are bike shows, rallies, and VIP camping experiences to be had. Similarly, there’s not a corner to turn that doesn’t have a bar, restaurant, or live music. Hop on your bike and head on over, but make sure to get tickets before they’re gone!

Steel Horse Rally
(May 6th-7th, 2022):
Steel Horse is one of the most revered events in Arkansas, as riders from all over the country gather in Fort Smith to honor all who serve. The junction of two communities makes for some unbelievable parades, rallies, and group festivities, all while raising money for related charities. While the weather may be a little on the warm side during May in the South, the amenities provided are outstanding, and the rally is one of the best-run events in the area.

Black Wall Street Rally
(May 13-14, 2022):
The Black Wall Street Rally will provide attendees the opportunity to experience the various Greenwood District history sites and enjoy a well-organized motorcycle rally. Featuring a bike show, vendors, live entertainment, and guided tours. There will also be a motorcycle parade.


Laconia Bike Week
(June 11-19, 2022):
The historic Laconia, New Hampshire motorcycle event with almost 100 years of history will ride on. With the 2nd largest demographic of motorcycle riders in the country and host to the oldest Rally in the country, NH opens its doors to motorcycle enthusiasts all year long! Their event evokes the tough spirit of the town, riders, and those who want to celebrate in spite of obstacles put in front of them – so get ready to rev your party engine with live music, rides, and entertainment throughout the week.

ROT (Republic of Texas) Rally
(June 9-12, 2022):
Since 1995, The Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally has brought bike riders and enthusiasts from all 50 states and international locations to Austin, Texas for the largest “turnstile” (paid ticketed attendees) motorcycle bike rally in the United States. This year, The Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally is held at Mere’s Reserve in Bastrop, Texas, and is widely known for its eclectic blend of motorcycles, attractions, vendors and the rich culture of Austin, Texas.


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
(Aug 5-14 2022):
This 10-day gathering in Sturgis, South Dakota brings motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world together to ride and revel in the biking lifestyle. Any and all are welcome to participate in the festival-style gatherings, concerts, and great dining. Most of all, the scenery and riding of the Black Hills National Forest are top-notch.

 4 Corners Rally
(Sep. 2-4, 2022):
As its name would imply, this is a southwest bike fest that takes place in Colorado right near the famed 4 Corners. With celebrity band Avenged Sevenfold, the attractions are almost as good as the mountain-air riding, camaraderie, and bike expos that will be going on throughout the weekend.

Bikefest at Lake of the Ozarks
(Sept 14-18, 2022):
The self-proclaimed Ultimate BikeFest Experience is back in action for 2022. This Harley-Sponsored Event is another raucous waterfront festival that features good eats, great rides, and a party you won’t want to miss. Missouri knows how to treat its motorcycle community, so gear up for Bikefest Lake of the Ozarks this year!

Thunder Valley Rally
(September 16-17, 2022):
Celebrating the past – focused on the future. The 21st Annual Thunder Valley Rally will be held on Friday, September 16th – Saturday, September 17th, 2022 in Cottonwood, Arizona. This Cottonwood motorcycle event is held at Old Town Cottonwood and hosted by City of Cottonwood.


28th Annual Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride (September 17, 2022):
Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride that begins in Bridgeport, AL and ends in Waterloo, AL. Here you’ll learn about the history of the Trail of Tears, see the Trail first hand, and feel the brotherhood shared by those who ride it. Join us to see the largest annual motorcycle ride in America, and use the information to help you plan to be a part of it.

Bikes, Blues, & BBQ
(October 5-8, 2022):
This week of rallies, group rides, and all-around celebration of motorcycle + Southern culture culminates with a rally in Fayetteville, AR from the 22nd-25th. Around it, there are mapped rides, side events, and industry-leading vendors to keep everyone having a good time. Make sure to check out their site for tickets and a detailed list of events.

Barber Vintage Festival
(October 7-9, 2022):
Barber Vintage Festival brings people from all over the world to enjoy their love of vintage motorcycles. It’s hosted at the world-famous Barber Motorsports Park which is also home to one of the world’s largest motorcycle museums. This event has the largest swap meet east of the Mississippi with vintage racing from sidecar to super Moto daily. Also within a 15-minute ride is one of the most popular rides in Alabama. Hwy 25 from Leeds to Vincent. This ride includes multiple switchbacks and twisty turns through a lush forest and scenic views.


Lonestar Rally
(November 3-6, 2022):
Lonestar Rally in Galveston, TX is one of the largest four day motorcycle rally in North America. It features bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts from across the state. The rally includes musical performances by bands performing country, southern, ‘80s metal and hard rock acts. As well as custom bike showcases, a motorcycle rodeo, long distance rides, celebrity appearances and so much more.



Rocky Point Rally
(November 10-13, 2022):
The greatest motorcycle rally just south of the border into Mexico. Featuring four days of fun in the sun, bikes, and music on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Penasco, Sonora (Rocky Point) Mexico.

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