10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Under $30 for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

  1. 10 Gifts Under $30 for Motorcycle Enthusiasts
  2. 10 ideas for gifts for motorcycle enthusiast

  3. Yamaha Paper Cut-Outs FREE
  4. Shift Sock $7
  5. Harley Ornament $9
  6. Poster of Dream Bike $10
  7. Gloves/Glove Liners $16
  8. Cell Phone/Radar Detector Handlebar Mount $16
  9. GoPro Handlebar or Helmet Mount $20
  10. Fork Bag $22
  11. Die-Cast Model $25
  12. Canvas Print of Favorite Motorcycle Picture $29.99

Whether you’re scrambling for stocking stuffers or you’re a starving student who wants to do something thoughtful and inexpensive, this list of gift ideas under $30 for the motorcycle enthusiast on your list will likely get smiles all year long.

So, here we go counting down to the least expensive…


10. Canvas Print of Favorite Motorcycle Picture ($29.99)

Find a favorite high-resolution picture of your recipient’s motorcycle, with them in it if possible, and have it printed on a photo canvas. This is an elegant way to display a favorite picture that can be used in an office, den, or shop. The one thing motorcycle enthusiasts love to do when they’re not riding their motorcycle is looking at pictures of their motorcycle. There are many online businesses that do this like this one, but your local pharmacy store like Walgreens can usually do this in a 24-hour turnover. Their 8 X10 size starts at $29.99.  But, you’re a savvy online shopper so you’ll Groupon it.

Sons of Anarchy Die Cast Set

9. Die-Cast Models ($10-$25)

Anyone with a motorcycle is a kid at heart. The toys get bigger when we get older but we secretly enjoy the little toys as well. Get your enthusiast a die-cast model of their motorcycle or one they love. They can set it on their desk or shop shelf. The toymaker Maisto seems to have a good handle on the die-cast motorcycle market. Their models are well made, brand accurate and to scale. Here is a set of 3 bikes of the recently discontinued Sons of Anarchy TV series for $25. Especially with the TV show gone, these memorabilia models will go well with SOA fans. Toys R Us seems to carry a good supply of various Maisto models. Just remember to do the follow-up video catching them making ‘vrooom’ sounds playing with it when they think no one’s watching.

Motorcycle gift fork bag

8. Fork Bag ($22)

A very handy motorcycle accessory is the fork bag. It’s also something that riders may not think to purchase for themselves until they can’t stand losing their gloves anymore. The fork bag attaches to the forks of the bike in the front, as the name suggests, and it is the perfect size to hold gloves, sunglasses, paperwork, small tools, tire repair kit, etc…It is a thoughtful gift only if they don’t have one, so make sure to check first if they have one. You can find them available at just about any motorcycle store and shop, and online there are quite a few places. Motorcycle Superstore is a good online retailer with fair prices, they have one here for about $22.

GoPro Motorcycle handlebar mount gift

7. GoPro Handlebar or Helmet Mount ($20)

If your motorcyclist is an avid rider, most likely he/she will have a desire to take photo/video of the rides they go on. GoPro has been dominating the market in point-of-view action photography/videography. The HD quality is great and you can’t beat the size and versatility. If they don’t have a GoPro, going in with a few other people to split the cost of getting them one is a great idea. If they have a GoPro already, check to see what mounts they lack. If they don’t have a handlebar or helmet mount, one of those would be the way to go. GoPro has the handlebar mount available for $19.99 on their site or you can usually find accessories in your local BestBuy, skate/surf shop or sporting goods store.

Motorcycle cell phone mount gift

6. Cell Phone/Radar Detector Mount for Handlebars ($16)

With smartphones’ free GPS systems and Bluetooth connectivity, more and more motorcyclists are using their cell phones to connect to their Bluetooth helmets to receive turn-by-turn directions. The question then is: where to put the cell phone so it is protected and still accessible? Answer: cell phone handlebar mount. After a bit of research, we found two types that would work really well; a handlebar mount and a magnetic tank mount. The zipper makes these mounts easy to use when wearing gloves and keeps it waterproof. Also, Radar detectors are as much or more important on a motorcycle. Take a look at the radar detectors and mounts at RadarBusters.com. They will thank you over and over every time they narrowly escape $300 speeding tickets.

Motorcycle glove gift

5. Gloves/Glove Liners ($16)

Gloves are a necessity when riding in colder temperatures, and comfort in nice weather. Check to see if your motorcyclist has a pair for summer and a pair for winter. If they do, then giving them a thermal liner set will make them very happy every time they’re riding and that wind-chill factor is cutting through the clothes but their fingers are toasty warm. Motorcycle Superstore has some thermal liners for about $16 here.

Motorcycle poster gift

4. Poster of Dream Bike ($10)

Man-caves are not complete with bare walls. Most garages and motorcycle shop walls are covered with an array of motorcycle paraphernalia, from road signs to centerfolds. Find out what types of bikes really get your motorcyclist going and there is bound to be a wonderful poster of it available online. Here’s one at walmart.com for $10. Do an internet search for a specific model + ‘poster’ or a genre of bike like ‘chopper’ ‘sportbike’ or ‘cafe racer’ poster and see what you think they would like. They’ll look at it hanging all year and remember you every time they see it.

Motorcycle ornament gift

3. Harley Ornament ($9)

Every year Hallmark makes a different Harley Davidson model as an ornament for Christmas trees. You’ll have to go into the Hallmark store to get this limited edition ornament because they sell out so fast – there’s quite a cult following. However, there are other motorcycle ornaments they have as well, like this one for $9. And if you’re fine with not having a Hallmark limited edition, you can find sundry options via an online search for ‘motorcycle ornament.’ Ornaments are traditions that are enjoyed every year, and this is bound to be a favorite.

Motorcycle shifter sock gift

2. Shifter Sock ($7)

Here is the stocking stuffer of the year! This is a rubber ‘sock’ that slips onto the shifter lever on the motorcycle. the purpose is two-fold: 1. grip and 2. protection The metal shift lever on motorcycles gets slippery when wet which makes shifting difficult at times. Also, the black rubber that usually comes stock on the lever leaves marks on shoes from rubbing against it. With this shift sock, your motorcyclist will have clean shoes and sure shifting. Thoughtful and only $7…you can’t go wrong.

Motorcycle cut out model gift

1. Yamaha Paper Cut-Outs (FREE – virtually)

This one is for the starving students – those with a lot of time and little dough. For the cost to print out about 20 color pages, and a few hours of your time, you can give a realistic paper model of a Yamaha motorcycle of your choosing. This is a serious model making so be not fooled; this will take some time and effort, but the end result is actually something to behold. When your motorcyclist sees the time and effort you put into this they will truly appreciate it, because time is our most valuable resource. Go here to choose a Yamaha model you think they would like and follow the directions on how to print it out and make it. They will proudly display it for years to come!

Hopefully, you have found something in this list that would work for your gift recipient, or at least gave you some ideas of your own. Have fun and remember that it’s the thought that counts! Happy holidays and safe riding!

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