2nd Annual Polar Bear Run in Renton on New Year’s Day

Polar Bear Bike Run in Renton, WA

Get on the road on the first day of the New Year with the second Polar Bear Bike Run in Renton, WA. Experience a fun ride, hang out with fellow bikers, and contribute to a good cause when you participate in this event organized by ABATE of South King County, Washington, a biker-friendly group that promotes freedom on the road in Washington.

Everybody is welcome!

Where and When?

The second annual Polar Bear Bike Run will start at 10 am on January 1st, 2023, in Renton, WA. Participants will gather and register at Uncle Mo’s Snappy Inn, also known as Uncle Mo’s Bar and Grill, on 321 Williams Ave S., Renton, WA,

Although officially the run will take off at 11 am, the event’s organizers encourage everyone to come early, hang out, and have breakfast.

Participation is $15 for singles and $25 for couples.

Polar Bear Bike Run, Renton, WA: What’s in the Program?

The 2nd Annual Polar Bear Bike Run in Renton, WA will include numerous fun stops and a raffle. Please keep in mind that stops may shift depending on the weather.  

ABATE, the event organizer, is a non-profit that promotes road safety and fair road use for both motorcyclists and non-riders.

Proceeds from the run will benefit the Renton Rotary Food Bank, an organization that aims to feed the needy and increase food security in the local community.

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