5 thrifty Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who ride

by Rachel Fagerburg

Father’s Day is approaching, and shopping for dads can be difficult. Especially if yours is a die-hard rider who is only interested in motorcycles, and you can’t afford you get him a new bike.

But fear not! We’ve created our top five practical and affordable gift ideas for your motorcycle enthusiast dad. This Father’s Day, show him some love and appreciation by giving him something he’ll use, without breaking the bank.

Gifts for Motorcycle riders

Twisted Throttle Rider Essentials Kitmotorcycle rider road essentials kit law tigers

Can’t decide on a gift? If you want to go for an option that has a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with the Twisted Throttle Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit. The kit offers an array of motorcycle necessities, including an all-in-one lens cleaner, NoNoise motorsport noise filter hearing protection, SW-MOTECH biker scarf, Dynaplug ultralight tubeless tire repair kit, BestRest EZ air gauge, Oxford under-seat tool kit, ROK straps pack adjustable stretch strap twin pack, SW-MOTECH luggage security cable with a combination lock, and Twisted Throttle side-stand coasters. Although this kit is the pricier gift of the bunch, the products inside will make your dad’s rides safer and even more enjoyable.  You’re sure to be the favorite child if you get this for him this Father’s Day.

UClear motorcycle helmet speakers

Does your dad always need to blast music during his rides? If so, these UCLEAR Universal Earbuds are just for him! These high-quality earphones feature Hi-Fi audio and Advanced Beam Forming technology and are made specifically to fit inside motorcycle helmets. They deliver noise-canceling and stereo sound in noisy environments, so your dad will be able to hear his favorite tunes, even over the loud motor and street noise. Get a pair of these awesome helmet speakers here.

Cell phone handlebar mount

The RAM Mounts Universal Cell Phone Holder Kit is a sweet gadget for your dad’s phone. With its patented rubber ball and adjustable socket arm system, this holder tightly grips the phone while securely mounting to both the brake/clutch reservoirs and rails. It can be risky for your dad to constantly pull out his phone to take pictures or refer to navigation, but this secure mount eliminates the danger of phone damage from it slipping out of his hands.  However, this mount is only compatible with certain iPhone versions and other phones with specific dimensions, so be sure to check out the “Fitment” list on the Cycle Gear page to see if it will fit your dad’s phone

motorcycle fuel bottle

MSR 30 oz. motorcycle fuel bottle

If your dad likes riding long distances, make sure you get him this MSR 30 oz. motorcycle fuel bottle so he can fill up his tank if it hits empty while stopped in the middle of nowhere. The bottle is manufactured with an air-tight seal that prevents air from entering and degrading the fuel inside, which allows for longer storage time. It is also made with impact-extruded aluminum, so he won’t need to worry about annoying leaks and cracks. You can purchase the fuel bottle here.

rider benefit card law tigers

Law Tigers Rider Benefits Card

If you want to show your dad that you appreciate him and think he’s pretty cool, but can’t spent any money, sign him up for our FREE Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card! This card offers $10,000 hit-and-run reward, free legal advice from Law Tigers motorcycle lawyers for all motorcycle matters, $10,000 bike theft recovery, free representation for motorcycle damage claims, and no recovery, no fee motorcycle accident representation. Order the card using your dad’s information and he’ll receive his Law Tigers Rider Benefit Card in the mail.

Bonus: Get him a FREE Motorcycle Document Holder while you’re at it here.

While your dad is sure to love any of these gifts, the best thing you can do for him this Father’s Day is to remind him to ride safe. Happy Father’s Day to all the motorcycle dads out there!