7 Best Restaurants in Missouri for a Pit Stop

Finding motorcycle-friendly restaurants in Missouri is no trouble – in fact, the biggest issue might be which one to choose on some of your rides. That’s why we’ve decided to find the best restaurants in Missouri for you to drop your kickstand at and grab some delicious food and ice-cold beverages.

Make sure to look through these gems and plan a group ride or a solo afternoon ride to one of them when you’ve got a chance. 

The 7 Best Motorcycle-Friendly Restaurants in Missouri

There are hundreds of top-notch restaurants in Missouri, and we try to visit as many as we can. But here’s seven of our favorite restaurants or biker bars that we recommend in no particular order. The good news is that they’ll hit the spot no matter which you choose.

1)  JC’s Sports Bar: JC’s Sports Bar in Kansas City is well known as one of the best biker bars in Missouri. With awesome pub food, an eclectic set of taps, and a family environment that lends itself to awesome times, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. You can spend a great afternoon or evening catching a sports game, or you can pop in during a group ride for some lunch and a cold beverage or two. Whatever style you choose, you’re going to love JC’s.

2)  Boozer’s Bar and Grill: While the name might give you a slight indication of the vibe, there’s much more to Boozer’s than their fantastic drinks! Formerly the VFW Hall in Liberty, MO, this eclectic down-south treasure has awesome food such as 12-inch deep fried tacos, as well as homemade cheesecake. They have biker events, including a consistent Bike Night on Wednesdays. Basically, if you want to find a motorcycle bar that will adopt you as one of their own, Boozer’s is a great bet.


3)  Shady Jack’s Saloon: When it comes to motorcycle bars in Missouri, Shady Jack’s Saloon is right at the top (their logo is amazing if you haven’t had a chance to check it out). They are a classic biker bar in that while their appearance might be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with them, their staff is extremely welcoming, and their food and drinks are priced low yet are fantastic. They have off-street parking for motorcycles, as they truly cater to the biking community of Missouri.

4)  Biker’s Corner: Spelled out clearly in the name, this is the motorcycle bar in St. Louis, MO, that you need to explore. With excellent food and drinks on their menu to accommodate an appetite worked up on the open road, they know what we’re hungry for. They also host biker events including biker pageants, bike shows, and live music. Given its great location, Biker’s Corner can be the start, end, or focus of any motorcycle trip you take in Missouri.

5)  Holeshot’s Saloon: Located in Dittmer, MO, Holeshot’s Saloon is a motorcycle bar and social club that is designed to bring riders in the community together for food, beverages, and motorcycle events in Missouri. Hosting a number of poker runs per year as well as having its own service lot and gas pumps, Holeshot’s is a true throwback to the golden era of American motorcycle manufacturing. Drop by and grab a seat at the bar for some ice-cold beverages before you get back on the road.

6)  The Drunken Monkey Bar and Grill: The Drunken Monkey Bar and Grill is well-known as one of the best motorcycle bars in Springfield, Missouri. Hosting bike nights, karaoke, themed nights, and more, they know how to attract a crowd of riders. With great outdoor seating, high-quality pub food, and stiff drinks to keep the evenings moving along, they’re a favorite rest-stop, especially for motorcycle riders staying for an evening on a long trip. But you’re just as welcome to pop in for a quick bite and brew!

7)  The Lazy Tiger: The Lazy Tiger in St. Louis is a great example of new-age gastronomy mixed with old-school biker bar culture. The setup is modern and vibrant, but the décor fits themes of years past and appreciation for the open road. The food and drinks are a bit more upscale than the traditional dive bars which bikers frequent, but it’s certainly worth the extra dollar or so for some grade-A grub. Most importantly, they’re just like the rest of the best motorcycle-friendly restaurants in Missouri: their staff is amazing, their drinks are great, and the food will satisfy an appetite worked up from a ride.

There are dozens of other restaurants that we’d love to showcase for bikers in Missouri. Make sure to let us know your favorites!

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