7 Iconic Biker Bars in Wyoming

Known as The Cowboy State, Wyoming is home to some fantastic and historic biker bars. Many of Wyoming’s best biker bars were once famous saloons of the Old West. With such a rich past and popular events like Wyoming Wednesday, many of these bars and roadhouses have become motorcyclist hotspots. 

Wyoming has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and as you’re riding along, you can also enjoy some time in these historic Old West bars and saloons. 

We consider ourselves motorcycle enthusiasts at Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers, so we’ve compiled a listing of a few of our favorite stops along the Wyoming highways. Check out our picks for the seven most iconic biker bars in Wyoming. 

1. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Located in Jackson, WY, The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar holds the state’s very first liquor license. With a saloon theme common among Wyoming biker bars, The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar also boasts an impressive accumulation of Wild West souvenirs and collector’s items — not to mention its distinctive saddle-shaped bar stools. 

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has a lively music scene, previously featuring performances from legendary country and western singers, including Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, and Tanya Tucker. It also features live music from local bands.

2. Outlaw Saloon

Beloved by locals and travelers alike, Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, WY, is the most expansive bar in the state at over 24,000 square feet. The bar features live music as well as pool tables, slot machines, arcade games, onsite betting for horse racing, and so much more. It brings a little Las Vegas energy to the Cowboy State. 

Outlaw Saloon offers alcohol catering in the area and throughout Laramie County. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick drink or throwing an event for your motorcycle club, Outlaw Saloon has something for everyone.

3. The Buckhorn Bar and Parlor

As one of Wyoming’s more rambunctious bars, The Buckhorn Bar and Parlor is world-famous as Laramie’s oldest and most historic bar. It’s known for its eccentric crowd and long history as a gathering place for the rough and rowdy. 

Established in 1900, The Buckhorn features many relics of days gone by — including a notable bullet hole in the mirror behind the bar, a two-headed calf, a goalpost from the UW vs. BYU game in 1999, and an insanely large Elk. The Buckhorn is particularly proud of its colorful history. 

4. The Historic Occidental Hotel Saloon

Another Wyoming bar boasting about original bullet holes is the Historic Occidental Hotel Saloon. Restored in the late 1990s, the builders delivered the original back bar of the saloon over 100 years ago via horse-drawn wagon. 

Former patrons of the Occidental include famed Old West legends like Buffalo Bill, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Calamity Jane, and even President Teddy Roosevelt. Initially established as a saloon and two-story gambling hall, the hotel and bar now give patrons a taste of the past, with most of the place restored to its original glory.

5. The Dime Horseshoe Bar

Located in Sundance, WY, the Dime Horseshoe Bar is a local favorite featuring cold beer and American fare. The original owners opened the Dime Horseshoe Bar in the mid-1950s. It has received national attention as a sponsor of the epic motorcycle rally, The Burnout, held every August. 

Patrons can expect live music throughout the week and karaoke on Fridays. You can always stop in for a bite of the classic biscuits and gravy or an ice-cold beer.  

6. Bunkhouse Bar and Grill

Cheyenne’s Bunkhouse Bar and Grill features live music on the weekends and accommodates travelers of all kinds. From motorcycles to horses, you can ride right up and walk inside for an excellent steak, pizza, or breakfast burrito. 

The Bunkhouse is a hotspot for locals and tourists. Locally, it’s referred to as the “best little roadhouse in Wyoming.”

7. Silver Dollar Bar and Grill

Located in the Wort Hotel in Jackson, WY, this biker bar has a pretty rich claim to fame. During its construction, workers placed over 2,000 silver dollars from the early 1900s in the bartop. This makes the Silver Dollar Bar home to America’s “wealthiest slab of wood.” 

The menu often highlights local eats, with delicious daily specials on steak and other wild game. You can catch live music throughout the week and happy hour every day from 4 to 7 p.m.

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