A Guide to Essential Motorcycle Gear Without Sacrificing Style and Comfort

Alright folks, settle in because in today’s blog I will be going over all the essential gear that you need to keep yourself protected without sacrificing style and comfort.

Motorcycle Gear To Keep That Style

Helmets: Whether or not you’re an open face, full face or half helmet type of person, a helmet is certainly an area that you should splurge on because if you take a tumble, it’s the only thing protecting your noggin! When purchasing a helmet, be sure it is DOT certified at a minimum. There are also Snell and ECE standards. Familiarize yourself with the differences between DOT, ECE, and Snell. Whatever standard you accept for your noggin, there are many ways to make your helmet an enjoyable part of your riding experience. For instance, you can have it painted with electroluminescent paint like they do at Dark Side Scientific. Or go with a custom lid like from Biltwell Inc.

Jackets: I assume most know this, but the more protective your jacket, the more vulnerable to the heat you will be. Leather has the best all-around protection when it comes to abrasion and impact, but is also the warmest material. Thankfully, perforated leather jackets are available to limit the heat stress on your body. Textile jackets, which are a sort of middle ground, offer moderate protection with adequate ventilation. There are mesh jackets, which offer the least protection, but the most ventilation. When paired with Kevlar shirts they can provide the combined protection you need with the comfort and style you want. Then there are armored shirts like Speed and Strength’s Black 9 which are sporty and kevlar reinforced for an edgy look, comfort and minimum protection. If you’re going the full-jacket way, companies to look at are Dainese, Alpinestar, REV’IT, and Icon.

Gloves: When purchasing your pair, check to see that it has protection inserts that will cover your four knuckles simultaneously. These inserts come in three materials as well, carbon fiber, injected plastic, and metal. You’re also going to want to get some type of reinforced textile/animal hide on the palm because when you fall, your first reaction is to stick the hand out, palms down. This protection will minimize road rash.

Armored Pants: a step up from your everyday jeans, these babies will come with some form of protection for your knees as well as abrasion resistance to protect your legs in case of a slide. Try to look for ones with some type of leather/textile protection in your lower legs and rump regions. Tobacco produces fine kevlar lined jeans that look like nice regular jeans while giving you the best protection available.

Boots: All motorcycle riding footwear is pretty much the same in terms of the protection that they offer but I’d recommend getting boots instead of shoes as they protect your foot and ankle in case of an unnatural twist as well as protecting your shins. Broken shins from colliding with footpegs are more common than you think!

Gear up in style! Thank you for reading and ride on!

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Author: Matt Goettsch