A Halloween Ride Through Salem Massachusetts

Halloween Ride Through Salem Massachusetts

Although best known for the witch trials of 1672, Salem, MA, has plenty of history and modern amenities to entice and entertain bike riders and Halloween enthusiasts. Whether you want to stop off as part of a longer New England road trip or want to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and spooky vibes for a day, a Salem, MA, motorcycle tour is sure to be a memorable experience.

Things to Do in Salem

Take a break from your motorcycle tour and enjoy Salem for a day or two. While you can just stop for a few hours to grab lunch at one of Salem’s bustling restaurants, you can also easily spend several days exploring the town and soaking up its historic charm. You can even set up a base in the town and take a different motorcycle ride every day to get the full New England experience.


Despite being a relatively small town, Salem boasts high-quality dining options that are sure to satisfy any craving. From trendy Asian street food to traditional pub and grub, you’ll be spoiled for choice during your stay.

Red’s Sandwich Shop

If you’re stopping off as part of your Salem, MA, motorcycle tour, breakfast or lunch at Red’s will set you up for the rest of the day. Dig into a fresh veggie omelet or sandwich piled high with bacon and cheese at this perfect spot for traditional American food, complete with generous portions and budget prices. 

The Tavern at Hawthorne Hotel

The Tavern at Hawthorne Hotel lets you combine quintessential New England dining with some atmospheric creepiness on the side. While the tavern is usually cozy and welcoming, it’s also one of the most haunted locations in the town and plays up this aspect during the Halloween season. 

Haunted Sites

No Salem, MA, motorcycle tour is complete without a visit to some historic, spooky sites. These areas can get you in the perfect Halloween mood and are well worth the visit.

The Old Burying Point Cemetery

One of the oldest cemeteries in the United States, the Old Burying Point Cemetery is home to notable historical figures, including judges from the Salem witch trials. Some of the tombstones are so old that it’s impossible to tell who lies beneath them, and even if you don’t believe in ghosts, the site is a sobering reminder of the town’s grisly history.

The Hawthorne Hotel

Purportedly built on an apple orchard owned by one of the women hanged during the Salem trials, the Hawthorne Hotel has a reputation for hauntings. If you’re brave enough to spend the night, avoid rooms 612 and 325, which have the highest number of reported ghost sightings in the hotel.

The Jonathan Corwin House

If you’ve ever watched a haunted house movie, you’ll immediately see why the Witch House has a reputation for paranormal activity. Not only was the house the residence of one of the men responsible for arresting “witches” during the trials, but it’s also where he and his wife lost five children. Round out your tour of Salem by visiting the last remaining building still standing with ties to the trials. 

The house is currently a seasonal museum that showcases much of the town’s history, and visitors report experiencing cold spots and hearing the disembodied voice of a child. 

Work with a Trusted Motorcycle Attorney After an Accident

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