A Haunted Kansas Road Trip

Rocky Ford Bridge, Haunted Kansas Road Trip

Motorcycle riders have the unique opportunity to enjoy the open air while exploring America’s roads. While some riders may prefer the tranquility of a long stretch of highway surrounded by scenic views, if you’re looking for an unforgettable road trip with a few scares, keep reading.

If you’re riding through Kansas, you might see more than beautiful sunflowers—you could see ghosts. 

Kansas is home to multiple haunts that bring in tourists year-round for a spooky look into the state’s history. If you want to plan a haunted Kansas road trip, add these must-see stops to your route.

Rocky Ford Bridge

In 1983, a woman named Sandra Bird became the victim of a horrific murder. The killer dragged this prominent community member from her car and pushed her over the Rock Ford Bridge. 

Who was the killer? The most tragic part of this story is that Mrs. Bird’s murderers were her own husband and his mistress.

Locals claim you can still hear the victim’s screams from the water. So, if you pass over the bridge, take the time to stop and listen.

Old Cowtown Museum

Out of all of Wichita’s haunted locations, the Old Cowtown Museum is one of the most famous, with a tragic history.

As the story goes, the founder of the Wichita Eagle newspaper, Marshall Murdock, had a young daughter. Sadly, she died due to spinal meningitis.

Today, the museum serves as a way to explore Wichita’s local history. However, museum employees and guests claim to have witnessed several paranormal activities, such as hearing whispers and footsteps. Some even claim to have seen apparitions and objects moving on their own.

Don’t believe it? See for yourself by joining one of the ghost tours or walking around the museum.

Stull Cemetery

You can’t plan a haunted Kansas road trip without planning to visit a cemetery. Although all cemeteries seem to have an eerie feeling, the Stull Cemetery has a unique reputation.

Historians recognize the Stull Cemetery as a meeting place for witches and cults, but this isn’t the only thing that makes this graveyard road trip-worthy. Rumor has it that the cemetery contains a hidden stairway that leads directly into hell.

If you visit this historic cemetery, watch your step.

Eaton Place

Built in 1887, the five-story Eaton Place building was once the Eaton Hotel. Various renovations over the years transitioned the hotel into Eaton Place, with retail stores on the first floor and apartments on the upper floors.

A murder victim supposedly haunts the buildings. According to legend, the police never found her murderer, so she continues to walk the halls of Eaton Place. People claim that she takes phones off hooks, knocks objects to the ground, and brushes by people who unknowingly walk the same halls as her.

Sallie House

When it comes to haunted road trips, you should include at least one haunted house. The Sallie House is the most haunted house in Kansas, with a story that can make your skin crawl. 

After a failed appendicitis surgery, six-year-old Sallie died in the house. Years later, when a couple started renting the home, they claimed that her ghost would play pranks on them until her intent shifted into something more malevolent.

Protect Yourself On and Off the Road

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