A Napa Valley Motorcycle Tour

Napa County, north of San Francisco, in California

Many people know Napa Valley best for the wineries, but the area offers some of the best motorcycle rides in central California. Whether you live nearby or are planning to visit, make time for a Napa Valley motorcycle tour to see the many local wineries. Several include paired wine tastings with locally sourced produce, meats, and dairy, while many even offer full-service restaurants for a culinary delight!

If wine isn’t your thing, the Napa Valley offers opportunities for amateur photographers to practice their hobby and several places to enjoy live music, see independent films, and try all kinds of delicious new foods.

Napa SR-128

Enjoy the stretch of SR-128 between Rutherford and Winters just south of Lake Berryessa. The scenery includes canyons, forests, and lake views, while the ride offers good road quality and several winding twists.

Traffic around Napa Valley can get hectic on the weekends with so many winery tourists, so be aware of other drivers if you choose this route for a weekend ride.

Overall, the trip only totals about 40 miles and will take about an hour with no stops. However, there are several places to pull over and capture some images if you’re a shutterbug hobbyist, which could add more time to your trip.

Fulton-Stewarts Point Loop

This loop takes you on a 112-mile ride through Fulton and Stewarts Point via CA-1, River Road, US-101, Dry Creek Road, and Skaggs Springs Road. Ride straight-through for a scenic 3-hour Napa Valley motorcycle tour, with a ride down the coast or a stop at some wineries on the way for a tasting or for lunch.

The road takes several twists and turns, with terrain through hills and valleys plus several miles of coastal views. Many areas don’t feature a shoulder, so ride carefully through blind curves and other limited sight areas.

Napa to Lake Berryessa

Take CA-128 to CA-29 to the lake. Lake Berryessa offers ferry rides, trails, and parks to stretch your legs and practice your photography. The shoreline provides several places to pull off the road at trailheads or for photo opportunities. Stop by the Knoxville-Pope Canyon Bridge off of Berryessa Knoxville Road, or extend your ride with a trip up Pope Canyon Road.

Cloverdale-Mendocino Loop

Enjoy this loop between Cloverdale and Mendocino riding the CA-128, CA-1, Fort Bragg-Willits Road, and US-101. The route will take you through valleys, over bridges, and through twists and turns—with some gorgeous sightseeing along the coast.

This 160-mile ride will take all day if you plan a few stops for meals and sightseeing or visit one or two wineries for tastings and lunch.

Clear Lake

This double-loop figure-eight ride includes starting near Deer Park at the intersection at Middletown and a loop over the top of Clear Lake through Nice. Take CA-29 through Middletown, loop over the north end on CA-20, then head back through Middletown again on CA-175.

Enjoy twists, turns, and several scenic features, including valleys, hills, lakeshore, and more. The ride will only take about three and a half hours, so make a day of your trip with stops at some of the local wineries and eateries. Don’t miss the many photo opportunities along the way.

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