Alabama Motorcycle Rides – A Dauphin Island Tour

Dauphin Island Alabama Motorcycle Ride

If you’re planning a trip to Alabama this year, you’ll want to take a motorcycle ride on Dauphin Island. 

Dauphin Island is a beautiful barrier island along the Gulf Coast. This island has a rich history and makes for an excellent day trip or vacation destination. Read on to learn everything you need to take a Dauphin Island Alabama motorcycle ride. 

What Is Dauphin Island? A Brief History

Dauphin Island is a barrier island on the Gulf Coast in Mobile, Alabama. This island is a popular getaway destination, as its beautiful white sand beaches and sparkling ocean waters make for a relaxing vacation. However, Dauphin Island also has a rich history — some of which is a little spooky. 

In 1699, when French settlers first discovered the island, they found piles of Native American bones on the beach. This led them to dub the island “Massacre Island.” Before the French discovered the island, Native Americans built huge mounds out of oysters on Dauphin Island. Later, it became a popular trading post during the fur trade. 

The island became Dauphin Island after the title given to King Louis XVI’s great-grandson. 

According to legend, a Jamaican private priest hid a jewel-encrusted crucifix down a well on Dauphin Island during a raise. The crucifix was never recovered, adding to the island’s spooky history. 

Despite these events, Dauphin Island is currently a well-loved tourist destination where families and beachgoers travel to soak in the sun, fish on the water, and take in the beauty of nature. 

Taking a Dauphin Island Alabama Motorcycle Ride

Dauphin Island offers the perfect roads to enjoy a laid-back motorcycle trip. Here is some more information about taking a Dauphin Island Alabama motorcycle ride:

Getting to Dauphin Island 

You can reach Dauphin Island via ferry or bridge, depending on which direction you are coming from. If you’d like to take the ferry, you can follow these directions starting from Mobile:

  1. Follow I-10 East out of Mobile.
  2. Take Exit 49 onto Route 83 South.
  3. Merge onto the Foley Beach Express southbound. 
  4. Take Coastal Gateway Boulevard toward Gulf Shores Parkway South. 
  5. Take Route 180 West to Fort Morgan.

The ferry is located at Fort Morgan. Be sure to check the daily schedule to know which ferry to take and what time it leaves. 

If you’d rather take the bridge into Dauphin Island, you can follow these directions from Mobile:

  • Take I-10 West from Mobile. 
  • Take Exit 17A-B toward AL-193 South. 
  • Follow State Route 193 to Cedar Point. 
  • Ride across the Dauphin Island Bridge. 

Attractions to See During Your Ride

Once you arrive on the island, we recommend planning your motorcycle trip around the attractions you would like to see. Dauphin Island is home to numerous beaches, natural areas, and historical attractions. You can easily ride your motorcycle from place to place and experience all the island has to offer. 

Here are a few attractions to consider adding to your motorcycle tour:

  • Fort Gains: A Civil War outpost constructed in 1821
  • Dauphin Island Sea Lab: A marine education and research center
  • Audubon Bird Sanctuary: An outdoor sanctuary with trails, boardwalks, and many species of birds
  • Dauphin Beach: A lovely beach oasis on the southern edge of the island
  • Goat Tree Reserve: A peaceful reserve with giant oak trees
  • Shell Mount Park: A beautiful park with historical sites, shell mounds, and natural scenery

Dauphin Island is the perfect destination for your next motorcycle trip. If you encounter any problems during your Dauphin Island Alabama motorcycle ride, contact our Law Tigers team at 1-888-863-7216 for assistance.