Alice’s Restaurant Loop Tour Near San Francisco: Full of Twisties and Scenic Vistas

Alice’s Restaurant Tour near San Francisco

Riding the Bay Area’s Highway 101 and through the nearby towns in the San Jose valley isn’t what most bikers would call relaxing. If you, like many California motorcyclists, crave an escape from the congested freeways and hectic urban streets of this overpopulated area, we’ve got just the thing. 

Alice’s Restaurant Tour near San Francisco is among the most relaxing motorcycle routes in the Golden State for a reason. The scenic vistas and the twisty, redwood-lined curves offer a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

About Alice’s Restaurant 

Alice’s Restaurant is a no-frills, motorcycle-themed diner nestled in the folds of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Sitting among the redwoods near the intersection of State Route 84 (SR 84) and Skyline Boulevard, the restaurant is a no-brainer stop along some of the best riding routes in the area.

The small diner gets very busy on weekends, so consider going on a weekday if you want a quieter experience. The clientele is a mix of both locals and tourists. Most arrive on motorcycles, so there’s always a great collection of cool bikes parked at the front.

You can grab a bite inside and on the deck. The menu is on the traditional side, with a few specials named after popular sports bikes and a few mouth-watering BBQ options. Prices are more than reasonable in the $10-$15 range.  

After your meal, you can go for a walk to enjoy the nature views and take in the forest air or hang around and mingle with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Before heading home, fill up your tank using the gas pump on-site.


You can reach Alice’s Restaurant from either State Route 1 (SR 1) or the San Jose valley. Both directions make for an enjoyable ride and will treat you to some fantastic vistas. 

Our preferred route starts at Pescadero State Beach. Turn onto Pescadero Creek Road off SR 1 and ride east toward the Santa Cruz Mountains. As you begin your ascent near Memorial Park, the lanes and turns get tighter, opening to breathtaking views interspersed with passing redwoods. This scenic route continues all the way to the junction of Old La Honda Road and SR 84. Turn north and continue riding until you reach the intersection with Skyline Boulevard and Alice’s Restaurant.

When you’re ready to leave Alice’s Restaurant, continue riding along Skyline Boulevard toward Half Moon Bay. Watch for the Skeggs Point pullout, which will treat you to a gorgeous view of Redwood City, Menlo Park, and Woodside. 

Keep riding along Skyline Boulevard through the Kings Mountain area. Follow the signs for Half Moon Bay at the junction with State Route 92. Expect heavy traffic before finishing your journey at Half Moon Bay. The small seaside town has excellent coffee shops, restaurants, and local shops, so you may want to consider a short stopover or an overnight stay. 


Alice’s Restaurant Tour near San Francisco is a relatively safe loop. All roads are well-paved. The terrain varies.

Ride carefully at all times but be especially alert when passing the twisty sections. Traffic can be heavy on weekends and national holidays. Overtaking slow movers is possible, but keep in mind that most of the road is two-lane double yellows.  

Stay Safe With Law Tigers

Road accidents are rare on the Alice’s Restaurant Tour near San Francisco, but they are still possible. If you experience an accident, call us as soon as possible.

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