AMCA Viking National Motorcycle Show This June in St. Paul

Viking National Motorcycle Show

The Viking Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America hosts the St. Paul Motorcycle Show each June in Minnesota, and the highlight of the show features a competition for bikes over 35 years old. Event attendees can browse vendor booths at the swap meet, camp overnight, and learn from tech talks.

If you plan on being in the St. Paul area in June, add this event to your calendar.

About the AMCA Viking 2023 National Motorcycle Show

The Viking Chapter’s tongue-twisting tagline is “seriously serious about motorcycles and not much else,” so if this sentiment sounds anything like you, you’re going to love spending the day with fellow enthusiasts. In fact, you don’t even need to own a motorcycle. Anyone who loves old bikes is welcome to show up and connect with other attendees.

The Minnesota (aka Viking) chapter is well-established, and the events are organized. This event has been going strong since 1974, and it’s considered the largest vintage bike show in the state.

Event Details

This event kicks off at the Progress Building at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Date: June 9th -10th, 2023

Time: 6am – 4pm

Location: 1265 Snelling Ave N., St. Paul, MN 55108

Fees: $8 admission per person and free parking ($15 – $25 to register your bike for judging)

If you plan on entering a bike into the competition, you must pre-register before the event. After the event is over, stick around for the National Meet Friday Banquet. You can save $5 by pre-registering here.

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