An Oregon Trail Motorcycle Tour in Oregon

Bald motorcyclist dressed all black, parked off road in Oregon Trails

No, we’re not talking about the video game! This article gives you an overview of the best motorcycle trails to ride in Oregon. Grab your helmet, and let’s go!

Trail 1: US-20

All video game jokes aside, US-20 bears a close resemblance to the actual journey that hundreds of thousands of settlers made when they journeyed 2,000 miles from Missouri to Oregon.

This modern route is 3,365 miles long and starts (or ends) in Newport, Oregon, where it also meets the U.S. 101. For riders, it’s a visual dream that takes you through the mountains of Oregon with expansive landscape views on either side of the road and snowcapped peaks in the distance.

Enjoy a taste of America’s past as you ride through the 454 miles of US-20 in Oregon. It’s a clean, blacktop road that’s mostly two lanes. You’ll definitely want to make some stops to tour the local museums and roadside attractions. You can also see the stars and observe the changing colors of the seasons.

 Trail 2: Ochoco National Forest Loop

This route is shaped like a lollipop, and it’s just as sweet. Spanning a distance of just under 200 miles, you’ll start your day in Pineville, go northeast through the Ochoco Reservoir, and then brace yourself for the twists and turns past the John Day River before you loop back toward your starting point.

The pavement is smooth and relatively well-maintained, with minimal traffic during most parts of the year. Be on the lookout for parked cars that have pulled to the side of the road to take in the scenery.

 Trail 3: Mount Hood Loop

The infamous Mount Hood Loop clocks in at under 100 miles, so you can easily do this route in a single day. Or take it slow and make a weekend out of it. This route takes you full circle.

There is one important factor to be aware of before you ride. Some of the route is unpaved, so it’s best suited for adventure motorcycles.

Trail 4: Columbia River Loop

Ride along the water on this brief but incredibly scenic, 25-mile route. Start in Troutdale, and don’t stop until you land at Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint. Circle back but take an alternate way to avoid monotony. Route 84 takes you as close to the river as you can get without taking a swim.

If you decide to pull over for a refreshing dip, make sure you’re in a spot that’s safe for swimming. The water quality is monitored constantly in popular recreational areas, so check the report before you dive in. Also note that there’s rarely a lifeguard on duty in most areas.

Trail 5: The Beaver Loop

For a slightly longer ride, start in Carlton and ride toward Beaver. You’ll traverse adjacent to the Nestucca Access Road and along the McGuire Reservoir. As you round out the first leg, you’ll head south on Gilbert Creek Road and follow the signs to get back to Carlton.

This ride is particularly scenic, with towering trees, lush greenery, vineyards, and happy livestock. You’ll smell freshly cut hay instead of manure! If Bald Mountain Access Road is open, you’ll enjoy an even more secluded ride on a one-lane road.

Oregon Has Something for Everyone

Within the four corners of the state, you’ll encounter rainforests, deserts, beaches, and mountains. Oregon is a diverse landscape, and it has everything an adventurer could want.

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