Are Orlando’s Roads the Most Dangerous for Motorcycles?

Dangerous Motorcycle Ride in Orlando, FL

If you live in Florida or are planning a motorcycle trip soon, you’ll want to be extra cautious on the road. 

Florida has a higher rate of motorcycle accidents than many other states. Additionally, certain roads in Orlando tend to be more dangerous than roads in other cities. 

Many have speculated that Orlando’s roads are the most dangerous for motorcycles. Read on to learn about the Orlando, Florida, motorcycle danger and how you can prevent an accident. 

Why is Florida Dangerous for Motorcyclists? 

You may have heard that Florida has some of the most crashes yearly out of any U.S. state. In 2018, Florida ranked third for most fatal crashes, just behind Texas and California. 

Florida has high crash rates for a few reasons. First, the state is very populous. It also sees hundreds of thousands of tourists each year who are unfamiliar with traffic patterns and unsure where they’re going. Unfortunately, Florida also has high distracted driving rates. 

However, the state’s high crash statistics are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Florida does not have universal helmet laws. As a result, only riders under age 21 must wear helmets while operating their motorcycles. 

Unfortunately, many Florida riders choose not to wear a helmet, making them vulnerable to severe injuries in accidents. This lack of helmet use, combined with Florida’s high rates of crashes, makes Florida one of the most dangerous states for motorcyclists. 

Are Orlando’s Roads the Most Dangerous? 

Florida, as a whole, is a dangerous state for motorcyclists to ride in. However, Orlando may present higher risks of danger than other major cities in Florida. 

Crash reports from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles organization report that Orlando sees close to 600 motorcycle crashes each year, compared to around 8,500 crashes statewide. This data suggests that approximately 0.7% of all Florida motorcycle crashes occur in Orlando, but only .13% of Florida residents live in Orlando. 

Many of these Florida crashes occur on Interstate 4, which Teletrac Navman found to be the most dangerous highway in the U.S. This organization also found that Orlando is the deadliest city on the highway, as more crashes occur in the Orlando portion of Interstate 4 than in any other portion. 

Orlando is also one of the state’s most populated cities. This city has a population density of about 2,700 people per square mile. As a result, roadways are often busy and congested, and intersections are sometimes backed up for miles. 

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to rear-end collisions at intersections than passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, the congested nature of Orlando traffic makes these crashes more common. 

How to Stay Safe When Driving in Orlando 

If you’re an Orlando motorcyclist, you must take extra precautions to avoid a collision. Here are our Law Tigers tips to stay safe when driving in Orlando:

  • Wear your helmet: Your helmet can protect you against severe, fatal injuries from motorcycle accidents
  • Ride predictably: Weaving between lanes and speeding past other drivers is an excellent way to cause an accident. Instead, you should ride predictably so that other drivers know how to navigate around you safely. 
  • Stick to less congested roads: We recommend reserving your motorcycle for back roads and country roads and taking a passenger vehicle on interstates and highways. Riding Interstate 4, the most dangerous highway in the country, on your motorcycle probably isn’t worth the risk. 
  • Be defensive: Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course can teach you defensive riding skills that can help you avoid collisions due to other drivers’ mistakes. 

So when riding in Orlando, take measures to stay safe in the city. And make sure you have your Law Tigers Rider’s Benefit Kit in your bag. If you ever find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our Law Tigers team at 1-888-863-7216 for assistance.