Are the New Electric Motorcycles Legit?

Motorcycle rider with his helmet on

You’ve probably noticed electric cars breaking into the market over the past ten years. But have you ever considered owning an electric motorcycle? 

Motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Honda have recently begun producing electric motorcycles that run on a battery charge instead of gas. But you may be wondering: are electric motorcycles any good? And how do they compare to traditional bikes? 


How Do Electric Motorcycles Work?

Electric motorcycles operate similarly to standard motorcycles. However, instead of burning gas to produce power, these bikes use electricity for fuel. They store the electricity in rechargeable batteries. 

Electricity is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly form of energy than gas, which is a non-renewable resource. Additionally, because batteries do not require a burning process to create power, the components within the engine do not wear down as quickly. 

Instead of fueling up your motorcycle at a gas station, you’ll need to charge the battery of an electric motorcycle before using it. Many electric motorcycles can receive a full charge within one to three hours. Additionally, electric motorcycles can typically charge with a standard electrical outlet. 

When your motorcycle is partially or entirely charged, you can turn the key to start the ignition. The bike’s power will flow from the battery to the engine to keep the motorcycle running. You can accelerate by holding the throttle, delivering more power to the engine. 

Pros and Cons of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have both pros and cons. While many motorcyclists have become life-long electric bike fans, others refuse to try these eco-friendly options. 

Here are a few advantages of electric motorcycles:

  • Long-term affordability: Charging your motorcycle battery is more affordable than purchasing gas. 
  • Eco-friendliness: Electric motorcycles are better for the environment than traditional ones. 
  • Acceleration: Electric motorcycles can typically accelerate faster than traditional motorcycles. 
  • Easier maintenance: You won’t need to change the oil, adjust the valves, or sync the throttle bodies on your electric motorcycle. The most maintenance these bikes need is new tires and brake pads every few years. 
  • Quiet running: Electric motorcycles are quiet, allowing you to enjoy the sounds of nature on your ride. 
  • Tax incentives: You may be able to receive tax benefits when you purchase an eco-friendly electric motorcycle. 

Meanwhile, here are a few disadvantages of electric motorcycles:

  • Steep upfront investment: Many electric motorcycles are more expensive up front than traditional motorcycles. 
  • Lower range: One of the most significant downsides of electric motorcycles is their range. With a traditional bike, you can stop at a gas station and fuel up whenever you start to run low. But with an electric bike, you’ll need to find a charging station, which may not be accessible everywhere. 
  • Charging time: You’ll need to wait for your motorcycle to charge between rides. Charging time can vary from two to ten hours, depending on your bike. As a result, these bikes may not be as convenient for long road trips, when charging up could waste precious time. 
  • Weight: Electric motorcycles weigh more than their non-electric counterparts. These bikes need to contain heavy batteries to deliver enough power for the average ride. 
  • Lack of DIY maintenance opportunities: While the low-maintenance nature of electric motorcycles is appealing for many, riders who enjoy tinkering in the garage may find these bikes boring. 

Are Electric Motorcycles Any Good? 

An electric motorcycle is an excellent choice in this modern age. These bikes boast numerous advantages without losing much of the appeal of traditional motorcycles. However, if you’re not sure about making the full switch from gas to electric, you can always keep one of each!

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