Are You Up for a Haunted Road Trip in Utah?

Haunted Road Trip in Utah

Looking for new thrills this fall season? How about a haunted road trip in Utah? It may surprise you to learn that the western state is a virtual gold mine for paranormal activity. So buckle up as we take you on a ride through the scariest and most haunted places in Utah.

American Fork Canyon

American Fork Canyon in Utah is a must-see if you’re taking a haunted road trip through the Beehive State. This enormous forest is a hotbed of paranormal activity and spooky places, including Timpanogos Cave.

The most famous ghost of American Fork Canyon is the hermit, who some guess to be Ed Hines, an old miner. Campers report hearing weird noises around their campsites, but when they look, nobody’s there. Others have seen the hermit, a ghostly, bearded old man doomed to wander the forest for all eternity.

The Rio Grande Depot

The Rio Grande Depot is one of the best places to go on a haunted road trip in Utah. The building doesn’t just have unique architecture and a fascinating history—it has its very own ghost, known as the Purple Woman. Shortly after the Depot opened in 1910, a woman perished on the railroad tracks. People first saw her ghost in 1947, and there have been plenty of sightings ever since.

Benson Grist Mill

When you’re road tripping to Utah’s spookiest places, you can’t miss the Benson Grist Mill. Not only was the Mill featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures,” but it has a deep history starting around 1850. In the late 80s, it underwent a complete restoration, and rumor has it that a person who once drowned there still haunts the area.

Fort Douglas

The Fort Douglas museum and cemetery have a bloody history, with several murders and suicides occurring there in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Many people believe those people still haunt the fort and cemetery, including Clem, a ghost from the Civil War era with a short, stocky build and a beard. Make sure you watch out for his spirit when you visit!

Brigham Young Farmhouse

Located at the “This Is The Place Monument,” the Brigham Young Farmhouse attracts thousands of people seeking ghosts and paranormal activity. Several ghosts call the Farmhouse their home, including two wives of Brigham Young himself, Lucy Ann Decker and Ann Eliza Webb. While Lucy is a gentle spirit and frequently appears in the kitchen during tours, Ann isn’t as kind. You’ll most likely see her in one of the Farmhouse’s upper bedrooms.

Uinta Basin

The Uinta Basin area in Utah has a notorious reputation for paranormal activity, including ghost sightings, UFO activity, alien abductions, and skinwalkers. If you’ve ever seen the shows “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” and “Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch,” you know the unexplained paranormal occurrences in the basin. Besides those two ranches, Uinta Basin has plenty of haunted and spooky places to check out on your Halloween road trip through Utah.

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