Arizona Motorcycle Safety Training

Motorcycle Safety Training Course, Arizona

Whether you’ve been riding a motorcycle for 50 years or are just learning the ropes, completing a motorcycle safety training course can be highly beneficial. 

Every motorcyclist knows that riding a motorcycle isn’t the safest mode of transport in the country. However, you can significantly reduce your chance of crashing or being in an accident by staying up to date on the best riding techniques, defensive riding strategies, and safety tips. 

Read on to learn more about Arizona motorcycle safety training and why it’s essential for beginner and seasoned riders. 

What Are Motorcycle Safety Training Courses?

Motorcycle safety courses are online or in-person courses with professional motorcycle instructors. These courses cover various topics related to navigating safely on your bike. They can also take place in a few different formats, such as:

  • Online video courses
  • In-person group courses
  • One-on-one private instructions

Many in-person courses include two segments: training and skills practice. First, you’ll sit in a classroom with an instructor and learn the techniques necessary to ride your motorcycle safely. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your skills in a controlled setting. 

Some in-person courses allow you to borrow a bike while testing your skills. However, bringing your own bike can ensure that you learn the unique complexities of navigating with your personal motorcycle. 

What Can You Learn in Motorcycle Training? 

Arizona motorcycle safety training isn’t only for people learning to ride a motorcycle. It also offers beneficial tips for staying safe on the road and preventing a life-altering accident. 

Here are just a few of the many topics these training courses cover:

  • Introduction to motorcycling
  • Confident riding techniques
  • Advanced rider tips
  • Defensive riding strategies

Where to Complete Motorcycle Training in Arizona

TEAM Arizona and Ride Arizona both offer motorcycle riding courses suitable for beginners and pros alike. Here is some more information about these safety courses. 

TEAM Arizona

TEAM Arizona is an organization that has offered motorcycle safety courses since 1989. This organization has trained over 150,000 riders throughout Arizona, including motorcycle, scooter, and three-wheel motorcycle riders. 

TEAM Arizona offers three types of courses:

  • Introductions to motorcycling
  • Basic training courses
  • Advanced training courses

If you’re a brand-new rider, you can use the beginner courses to get your motorcycle license within two or three days. 

Meanwhile, the most advanced course offered through TEAM Arizona is the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic – Level 2. This course is ideal for riders wanting total control over their bikes. It’s also suitable for bikers looking to improve track performance and learn faster, safer cornering. 

TEAM Arizona offers courses in the following locations:

  • Phoenix metro area
  • Tucson metro area
  • Sierra Vista metro area
  • Prescott area
  • Flagstaff area

Ride Arizona

Ride Arizona offers a motorcycle safety course that can allow beginners to get their licenses in as little as two days. However, if you’re an experienced rider, you can also learn from the company’s Advanced Motorcycle Training courses. 

First, the Basic RiderCourse offers numerous interactive activities and a web-based eCourse perfect for beginner riders. This course uses the latest curriculum from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, ensuring that it provides up-to-date training information. 

If you already have a motorcycle license, you can benefit from the recently updated Advanced Rider Course. This class can help you become more adept at motorcycle handling and prepare you for unique situations that may arise on the road. You’ll learn how to:

  • Break then swerve
  • Navigate decreasing radius curves
  • Use proper body posture in various riding positions

This organization offers training courses throughout Arizona, including in:

  • Phoenix
  • Casa Grande
  • Sierra Vista
  • Tucson

Law Tigers is Here for Riders 

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