Arizona Motorcycle Swap March 5 Sponsored by Law Tigers

The Arizona Motorcycle Swap, Maricopa County, Arizona

Love your bike but thinking of a trade? Need some new parts and not sure where to get them? We’ve got just the place!

The Arizona Cycle Swap happens in Maricopa County, Arizona and it’s the perfect place to find new bikes, gear, and accessories. You can also offload items that have served their useful purpose in your life.

Motorcycle Swap Event Details

 The Arizona Cycle Swap happens the first Sunday of every month (October through April) at Top Spoke Cycles at 1000 N. McClintock Boulevard in Tempe. For March, the Cycle Swap happens on March 5th from 8am until noon.

It has a low entry fee of just $5, and it’s not unusual for long lines to queue up to get in. Yes, it’s that good! There’s also free parking, so all you have to do is bring money for your entry fee and whatever you might score from a booth.

Even if it’s raining (a rare occurrence in Arizona, but it still happens), this event is still on. Bring an umbrella and ride safely because enthusiasts are still out in full force, regardless of the weather.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, the cost is $30 for a single vehicle and $60 if you need a space to accommodate a trailer. You can come an hour early before the standard 8am start time to set up your booth.

For first timers at the Cycle Swap, you’re in for a major treat. There is everything imaginable for motorcycle enthusiasts here, and you’re bound to meet a friend or two.

Law Tigers Teams Up with Local Maricopa County Riders

Law Tigers is a proud sponsor of the Arizona Cycle Swap. Riders are encouraged to enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy the destination, and stay as safe as possible on the open road. If you ever need legal assistance, call Law Tigers, attorneys who ride, 24/7 at 888-863-7216.