Backroads from Bozeman to Butte and other Roads Less Traveled

The backroads from Bozeman to Butte, Montana

If you’re planning a Montana road trip, explore Bozeman to Butte and stop at several attractions along the way. These two cities offer plenty of things to do and see, but the roads between them may be an even more enjoyable part of your trip. Here are the Bozeman to Butte backroads and attractions that can make for a scenic, relaxing motorcycle tour. 

How Long Is the Ride from Bozeman to Butte?

A direct route from Bozeman to Butte, Montana, takes a little over an hour in normal traffic. These cities are about 84 miles apart, and you can take major highways to get from one to the other. When you take backgrounds, the ride will vary in length depending on the stops you plan and the places you visit. 

If you’re looking to travel a more relaxing route, here is how to take back roads in your tour. Traveling along backroads exposes you to the breathtaking views that make Montana a popular tourist destination. We recommend inputting the following towns into your GPS in this order, then hopping from town to town during your travels:

  1. Bozeman
  2. Belgrade
  3. Manhattan
  4. Three Forks
  5. Whitehall
  6. Butte

Additionally, taking a few backroads along the way can allow you to experience attractions and activities that enhance your Montana motorcycle tour. You can even turn your Bozeman to Butte trip into a weekend-long excursion to check out these stops along the way. 

Best Stops from Bozeman to Butte

Copper Canyon Harley-Davidson

What motorcycle trip is complete without a stop at the local H-D? Stop by Copper Canyon Harley-Davidson along your route to browse the shop’s American motorcycles, parts, and apparel. 

Our Lady of the Rockies 

Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot statue of the Virgin Mary nestled in the Rocky Mountains. You can take a seven-mile trip up the mountain to see the Lady up close or take photos from the ground. In either case, you’ll want to make time to stop at this majestic statue during your trip from Bozeman to Butte. 

Tizer Botanic Garden & Arboretum

Looking for a place to stretch your legs along your motorcycle road trip? The Tizer Botanic Garden & Arboretum in Jefferson City is a sight worth seeing. This sprawling botanical garden offers relaxing, peaceful strolls through flower-lined paths and natural areas. You can explore any of the following areas:

  • Rose garden
  • Vegetable garden
  • Herb garden
  • Wildflower walk

Big Sky

Big Sky is a must-see attraction along your route from Bozeman to Butte. This community is well-known for its sprawling ski resort and mountain bike trails. Whether you choose to stay at the Big Sky Resort or simply pass through town, you’ll get to witness gorgeous views of the southern Montana mountains. Visit in the winter months for a winter wonderland atmosphere — just be sure to check the road conditions before setting out. 


Elkhorn is an abandoned Montana town that paints a picture of the state’s silver mining history. With a population of just 10, Elkhorn is considered a “Ghost Town,” offering a unique experience for tourists traveling on Bozeman to Butte backroads.

Norris Hot Springs 

If you need a place to unwind after a long day of traveling, Norris Hot Springs is your perfect destination. This hot spring is a campground with a natural hot spring pool. The water in this pool stays a toasty 120 degrees, providing the perfect opportunity to soak your sore muscles and relax. 

Now that you know these scenic drives and destinations from Bozeman to Butte, you can begin preparing for your motorcycle trip. 

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