“Barnyard Bike” Premieres May 4th: Witness the Journey of Building a Dream Custom Bike with Lyonel Gammon

“Barnyard Bike” Premieres May 4th at 7 pm Exclusively on KPHE Arizona’s Family Sports and Entertainment Network

Arizona motorcycle enthusiasts, get ready for the premiere of “Barnyard Bike” on May 4th at 7 pm exclusively on KPHE, Arizona’s Family Sports and Entertainment Network. This new and exciting series follows Lyonel Gammon on his journey of building his dream custom bike with the help of some of the most skilled and renowned motorcycle builders in the country.

Lyonel Gammon Builds His Dream Custom Bike with Expert Motorcycle Builders in “Barnyard Bike”

Each episode of “Barnyard Bike” will showcase the challenges and rewards of building a custom bike, from restoring the engine to finding the perfect paint job. Lyonel’s passion for motorcycles and the expert guidance of his team of builders will make for an adrenaline-fueled ride that is sure to inspire and entertain viewers of all ages.

Dennis Kirk and Law Tigers Partner Up

Dennis Kirk and their partner, Law Tigers, are proud to bring this thrilling new series to motorcycle enthusiasts in Arizona. If you miss the live airing of “Barnyard Bike” on Thursdays at 7 pm, make sure to set your DVR to record or tune in for the encore viewings on Sundays at 5:30 pm and Wednesdays at 3:30 pm.

Lyonel’s Personal Story Adds Depth to “Barnyard Bike” Series

In addition to Lyonel’s journey of building his dream custom bike, there is an inspiring backstory that adds even more depth to the series. After Lyonel’s grandfather passed away, Lyonel inherited his farm and stumbled upon a 1988 Harley-Davidson Softail that had been buried under years of dirt, dust, and hay in an old milking barn. This discovery was a family heirloom and a treasure that would become a restoration labor of love and a family affair. With the help of some of the most skilled and renowned motorcycle builders in the country, Lyonel and his family will restore the motorcycle to its former glory in memory of his grandfather.

The discovery of the Harley-Davidson Softail adds a unique and sentimental element to “Barnyard Bike,” showcasing the power of family, tradition, and the passion for motorcycles. Viewers can expect to witness the emotional journey of restoring a family heirloom while building a dream custom bike.

Meet Lyonel Gammon and His Expert Team of Motorcycle Builders in “Barnyard Bike”

On the show, viewers will meet Lyonel Gammon and his team of expert motorcycle builders who help guide Lyonel in rebuilding his grandfather’s forgotten motorcycle back to its former glory. Lyonel is a Utah-based motorcycle enthusiast whose love for motorcycles began at an early age when he watched his grandfather ride his Goldwing daily to the steel plant. Lyonel’s passion for motorcycles has been the driving force behind his work ethic and has influenced his values centered around family, God, and the western lifestyle.

Lyonel is joined by a talented group of builders, including Paul Yaffe, Xavier Muriel, Rick Bray, Pat Patterson, Bert Baker, Jason Mook, and Ryan Gore.

Witness the Transformation of Lyonel’s Grandfather’s Motorcycle in “Barnyard Bike”

Throughout the show, viewers will witness the process of transforming Lyonel’s grandfather’s motorcycle, which has been collecting dust in a barn for decades, into a one-of-a-kind custom bike that honors its history while showcasing Lyonel’s personal style. Lyonel and his team will take on the challenge of restoring and modifying the vintage motorcycle to create a masterpiece that combines classic design with modern features and functionality.

From the initial concept and design to the intricate details of the build, viewers will get an inside look at the world of motorcycle customization and the passion and dedication required to create a truly unique machine. With the help of his team of experts, Lyonel will navigate the challenges of the build, from sourcing rare parts to custom fabrications and paint jobs, all while staying true to his vision and the legacy of his grandfather.

“Barnyard Bike” is More Than Just Building a Motorcycle

But “Barnyard Bike” is not just about building a motorcycle. It’s about family, values, and the western lifestyle that shaped Lyonel’s passion for motorcycles. The show will highlight the importance of preserving family traditions and honoring our ancestors’ legacies while pursuing our dreams and living life to the fullest.

Catch the premiere of ‘Barnyard Bike’ on May 4th at 7 pm on KPHE, Arizona’s Family Sports and Entertainment Network.

So don’t miss out on the exciting premiere of “Barnyard Bike” on May 4th at 7 pm, exclusively on KPHE, Arizona’s Family Sports and Entertainment Network. Join us for an unforgettable journey of motorcycle craftsmanship, family values, and western lifestyle, all wrapped up in one thrilling reality TV series.