Best Safety Advice for Motorcycle Passengers

Safety Advice for Motorcycle Passengers

Riding on the back of a motorcycle as a passenger can be just as fun as it is for drivers. However, there are a few things you should know as a passenger to stay safe on the back of a bike. Keep safety advice for motorcycle passengers in mind to reduce the risk of injury.

Wear Appropriate Protective Gear

Motorcycle riders should “dress for the slide, not the ride,” whether they’re drivers or passengers. Wearing the right protective gear can save your life and reduce injuries if you’re in an accident while riding on the back of a motorcycle.

You also want to wear the appropriate clothing and protective gear for your comfort and safety from the bike itself. Your feet will be near the rear wheel, which can snag pant legs or ankle bones. Your lower legs will also be near some very hot exhaust pipes, which can leave nasty burns.

Long-riding pants with ankle boots can protect your feet, ankles, and legs from damage while riding. A helmet and protective leather jacket with padding can protect you in case of a crash. Make sure you wear the same protective gear as a passenger that you would as the driver.

Ensure You Have a Passenger Seat and Passenger Pegs

If you’re looking for safety advice for motorcycle passengers, it’s important to keep how passengers are sitting in mind. Make sure that the bike has a passenger seat and passenger pegs so you can sit comfortably on it and brace yourself through turns and other movements. You should never share foot pegs with a driver. If a bike doesn’t have passenger pegs, don’t step on the bike.

Sit Close to the Driver

You need to be able to mirror the driver’s movement through turns, stops, and accelerations. Because most bikes don’t have passenger handlebars, you will probably need to hang onto the driver. You can hold onto their belt loops or wrap your arms around them. Sitting closer can also reduce the force of helmets bumping together during speed changes or stops.

Don’t Shift Unexpectedly

Carrying a passenger on a motorcycle means the driver needs to account for the extra weight. Most two-seater motorcycles weigh between 500-800 pounds. A passenger will typically add 100-200 pounds of extra weight that the driver needs to control during a motorcycle ride.

Wiggling or shifting in your seat can throw the bike off balance. Try to adjust at stoplights or communicate to your driver that you need to pull over to fix your position.

Create a Communication System with the Driver

A motorcycle ride can be noisy. The bike is loud, you have to deal with road noise, and you and the driver are wearing helmets that can block your mouths or ears. You should develop a hand signal system or a system of shoulder or hand taps to communicate with the driver.

Prepare for Discomfort

Riding as a passenger can be uncomfortable on a long ride or if you’re new to riding on the back of a motorcycle. Motorcycles vibrate, sometimes causing itching for a passenger where their body comes in contact with the bike. You might also experience some cramping from sitting in one position for too long. Without wiggling, ask your driver to pull over so you can stretch. It’s great fun to go on motorcycle adventures as a passenger, so have fun and be safe.

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