Big D Dining – The Best Biker Bars Dallas Has to Offer

Biker bars in Dallas

Are you on the hunt for biker bars in Dallas? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the city houses some of the best biker-friendly bars and restaurants in Texas. 

The high-quality biker bars on our list allow you to get to know other bikers in your area, enjoy tasty food and drinks, and show off your bike. Many of these bars also offer biker-themed events throughout the year. 

Read ahead to learn the best biker bars Dallas, TX, has to offer. 

Strokers Dallas Ice House

Strokers Ice House is a biker bar chain with several locations across the country. The Dallas location of this ice house features a few attractions outside of typical bar food and drink. Instead, this business acts as a motorcycle dealer, tattoo parlor, roadhouse, and ice house all in one. 

Strokers is one of the biggest biker-themed bars in Texas and has earned praise from a range of food critics and biker fanatics. If you’re looking for a biker bar that goes all out to celebrate biker culture, you’ll want to stop by Strokers in Dallas. 

Fuel 2.0 Bar and Grill

Fuel 2.0 Bar and Grill is a popular biker bar located outside Dallas in Fort Worth. This bar is a local favorite, featuring delicious bar food, a friendly staff, and affordable drink prices.  

Even better, the restaurant hosts frequent Bike Nights where customers can show off their motorcycles in the parking lot. Sometimes, these Bike Nights also feature a bikini bike wash team and live music to hype up the event. 

While Fuel 2.0 is located outside of Dallas, it’s definitely worth the drive if you’re looking for an authentic biker bar. 

Reno’s Chop Shop Saloon

Reno’s Chop Shop Saloon is a highly rated neighborhood bar located on Crowdust Street in Dallas. This bar received the award for Best Metal Bar in 2015 and Best Rock Bar in 2019 from the Dallas Observer. 

Reno’s hosts several bike nights throughout the year where customers can bring their bikes and meet fellow motorcyclists. Along with bike nights, the bar also hosts fun events like karaoke nights, comedy shows, and metal-themed events. 

If you’re a biker who’s also a metalhead, you’ll fit right in at Reno’s.

The Cottage Lounge

The Cottage Lounge is a biker-friendly bar where motorcyclists often gather to enjoy food and conversations together. This bar has biker-designated parking, allowing you to stop by anytime you’re on a joyride in Dallas. You can also bring your bike to the restaurant’s bike nights that occur on several dates throughout the year. 

If you’re a foodie, you’ll enjoy the bar’s menu of delicious food offerings, including mouthwatering burgers and fries. You can also take advantage of The Cottage Lounge’s frequent events, such as bi-weekly karaoke nights. 

Cowboy Saloon and Sports Bar

If you prefer a small local bar atmosphere to a noisy downtown bar, you’ll find yourself right at home at Cowboy Saloon and Sports Bar. This hole-in-the-wall bar has a friendly atmosphere that visitors and Dallas locals alike enjoy. 

Cowboy Saloon also offers an excellent spot to watch your favorite Dallas sports teams live. You can gather with your fellow bikers to cheer on your favorite teams, enjoy delicious foods, and celebrate biker culture. 

Visiting any of the biker bars in Dallas on our list can give you the opportunity to enjoy a beer with fellow Dallas bikers. If you’re also in the market for an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, we can help. Contact our Law Tigers team today at 1-888-863-7216 to schedule your free case evaluation.