Big Rock to Starved Rock Motorcycle Ride

If you live in or near Chicago, you may have a hard time finding space for scenic, laid-back motorcycle routes. The chaos of Chicago traffic may ensure that you only get to ride through congested highways and narrow downtown streets on most of your motorcycle rides. However, if you have the time to get an hour or so outside of Chicago, you can enjoy a more serene, peaceful atmosphere on your bike. 

The Big Rock to Starved Rock motorcycle ride begins in Big Rock, just 50 miles west of Chicago. This route gets you out of the hustle and bustle of Chicago, through scenic stretches of road, past iconic pubs, and into the beauty of the surrounding Illinois landscape. 

Big Rock to Starved Rock Scenic Motorcycle Ride

The Big Rock to Starved Rock motorcycle ride spans 71 miles, beginning in Big Rock and ending at Starved Rock State Park. Of course, you can take the route in either direction, but it’s a there-and-back, so you’ll need to plan your starting and ending points accordingly. 

This route can take anywhere from two to four hours from beginning to end, depending on how many stops you make along the way. The route begins in Big Rock, IL, a small village with several natural attractions to enjoy. You can check out the sparkling lake, hike at the Big Rock Forest Preserve, or enjoy a peaceful afternoon at Bliss Woods Forest Preserve. 

From Big Rock, you’ll head southwest to Millington, another small Illinois village. This village is home to the Last Chance Saloon, a family-owned bar and restaurant perfect for bikers. If you’d rather save your meal for later in the trip, you can stop at one of several restaurants in Utica, where tons of bikers hang out each summer. 

The main attraction of this ride is Starved Rock State Park. As you approach the park, you’ll pass beautiful scenic views of wilderness areas and forests. The ride is especially stunning in the fall, when the leaves turn red and orange. 

Starved Rock State Park is located on the Illinois River and has numerous natural features that highlight the beauty of Illinois. You’ll find sandstone canyons, waterfalls, wooded trails, river overlooks, and various wildlife throughout the park. 

This scenic route passes through the following cities:

  • Big Rock
  • Millbrook
  • Millington
  • Newark
  • Sheridan
  • Wedron
  • Ottawa

Preparing For Your Trip 

Preparing adequately for your Big Rock to Starved Rock motorcycle ride can ensure that you make the most of this relaxing route. Here are our Law Tigers tips for planning for a motorcycle trip:

  • Plan your fuel-up stops in advance. 
  • Pack snacks and water bottles in case you become stranded. 
  • Keep an emergency supply kit in your storage compartment at all times. 
  • Make sure to review Illinois motorcycle laws if you’re traveling from out of state. 
  • Stop and stretch your legs often. 
  • Watch out for oncoming motorists on narrow roads. 
  • Avoid riding for at least an hour after drinking alcohol. 
  • Ensure that any passengers understand passenger safety laws. 
  • Stop in a safe location when enjoying scenic overlooks. 

The Big Rock to Starved Rock motorcycle ride is a popular route amongst Chicago residents and Illinois travelers alike. If you run into any problems on your ride, our Law Tigers team is available to help.

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