Biker Friendly Pit Stops In and Around Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bikers bar on Cheyenne, Wyoming

Whether you’re visiting one of the gorgeous national parks in Wyoming or passing through on your way to the biker bash in Sturgis, SD, you’ll find plenty of biker-friendly pit stops in and around Cheyenne that you must check out. 

One of the best parts of a road trip is finding a hidden gem with delicious food and drinks where you can park your bike and enjoy the local culture. Keep reading to learn about a few of the best Cheyenne, Wyoming biker restaurants from our team at The Law Tigers, America’s motorcycling lawyers who love to take road trips on our bikes.

Luxury Diner

This classic diner is situated right off the highway in Cheyenne, making it a convenient place for a quick bite when you’re on the road. You can rest for the night in the attached Wyoming Motel and grab Luxury Diner’s hearty breakfast in the morning. 

The outside decor hearkens back to Wyoming’s railroad history and is impossible to miss, while the inside is the epitome of a quaint small-town diner. Luxury Diner’s home cooked meals will leave you craving another trip through Cheyenne just to stop here again!

Eagle’s Nest

Eagle’s Nest is a biker bar on West Lincolnway in Cheyenne. A few nearby hotels make it a popular spot for people passing through the city, but you’ll still find locals grabbing drinks at the bar. Inside, you’ll come across a couple of pool tables, a liquor store, and affordable drinks. 

Whether you need to quench your thirst or take a moment out of the sun, Eagle’s Nest is the perfect spot for bikers to relax.

Longbranch Saloon, Hawk Springs

Longbranch Saloon is an establishment beloved by bikers stopping on their way to Sturgis and tourists looking for a place to eat as they travel through Wyoming. It’s in Hawk Springs, about 63 miles north of Cheyenne, off U.S. Highway 85.  

The steakhouse is small, but the staff are friendly and provide excellent service. The Longbranch serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the burgers are our favorite on the menu. Though the town has a tiny population of about 45 people, the delicious food and quirky interior design make this restaurant a must-see when traveling through the Cowboy State.

Cowboy Café, Lyman

Far west of Cheyenne in Lyman, you can find one of Wyoming’s best pit stops right off I-85. The Lyman rest stop is just down the street, and there’s a gas station next door for a convenient spot to fuel up your bike. The building doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the giant “cafe” sign makes it easy to spot. 

The food is home cooked, with mouth-watering dishes like biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, burgers, and a buffalo patty. If you somehow didn’t fill up on the delicious entrees, you can order pie or ice cream for dessert. Despite appearances, this restaurant’s tasty food and welcoming staff make it a comfy spot for a roadside meal.

Hideaway Bar, Mills

Hideaway Bar is north of Cheyenne, located along I-25 in Mills, WY. A genuine “hidden” gem, Hideaway’s exterior is very unassuming, but the inside is unmistakably a classic biker bar. You’ll find dart boards, live music, and cheap drinks wrapped up in a uniquely warm atmosphere. 

The owners and the bartenders are well-loved, and the locals are equally pleasant company. If you want more than drinks, the burgers are the best in town. Hideaway Bar is the perfect low-key Wyoming watering hole for bikers.

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