Bogus Basin Motorcycle Routes in Idaho

Motorcycle Ride to the Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin, Idaho, is a ski and trail resort town and mountain recreation area in Horseshoe Bend, just a short ride north from Boise. If you’re planning a visit to Bogus Basin, take your bike up Bogus Basin Road to reach your destination.

The basin is less than an hour away from Boise. The road offers several short straightaways connected by slow corners as you ascend to 4,000 feet.

What Is Bogus Basin?

Bogus Basin is a mountain resort offering winter and summer seasonal activities, including skiing, snowboarding, ski and snowboard lessons, lodges, walking trails, drinks, and dining. If you are touring Bogus Basin during the winter, be sure to check the weather reports and snowplow reports before making the trip up to the resort. Fresh snow can pile up on the road, making the trip difficult for bikers.

During the summer, many of Bogus Basin’s attractions close, including several of the food service locations. However, the trails are open, and tall aspens and pines offer shady rest spots on your adventure. The trailheads line the route with places to pull off and park to begin a walk on marked trails—or check your navigation to find a nearby campground.

The Route for the Ride to Bogus Basin

Starting in Boise, take South 15th Street north to Parkhill Drive, then turn right onto North Bogus Basin Road. Follow the road 16 miles to Bogus Basin and its attractions. Be aware that the posted speed limit on Bogus Basin Road is 35 mph, with several slow turns along the route all limited to 20 mph.

Road conditions vary throughout the year, and the elevation rises 4,000 feet along the ride. Be sure to dress appropriately for temperature changes as you make the climb. Additionally, the closest fuel stops are in Boise just a mile or two down the road from Bogus Basin Road. Be sure to fill up before starting your journey.

The route offers stunning views year-round of the forests and mountainsides. Many plants come to bloom in spring after the snow melts, the trees change color in early- and mid-fall, and the snow dusts the trees and blankets the ground in the winter, making for perfect skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

What To Do at Bogus Basin Any Time of Year

Bogus Basin, Idaho, is primarily a winter mountain recreation area, offering lodges, dining, drinks, ski lifts, ski lessons, and more. Skiers, snowboarders, and other winter activity enthusiasts flock to the resort to enjoy the fresh powder and pristine views.

The resort features 12 chair lifts, carpets, and express lifts, as well as three lodges to warm up indoors after playing in the snow. Bogus Basin also offers several food stalls and restaurants to refuel guests with sandwiches, tacos, pizza, burgers, and several premium beers on tap.

During summer, operations slow down some and Bogus Basin closes many of its attractions. However, the trails are open and clearly marked for easy navigation by hikers of any skill level, and the resort opens 14 downhill mountain bike trails serviced by their lifts.

Bogus Basin features Idaho’s only mountain coaster, the Glade Runner. The resort also offers summer tubing, bungee trampolining, and wall-climbing, as well as the Basin Gravity Park. Don’t pass up a visit to Bogus Basin on your next ride through Idaho.

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