Boise Roadster & Motorcycle Show March 10 to 12

Boise Roadster & Motorcycle Show

Did you know that Boise ranks among the top cities for motorcycle ownership in the United States? If you live in Boise and like to ride, then you probably already know about the Boise Roadster & Motorcycle Show. But if you’re new in town or making a trek to “The City of Trees,” then we’ve got all the details about this March event here.

Motorcycle Show Event Details

Leave work fashionably early and head on over to the annual Boise Roadster & Motorcycle Show that starts on March 10. As you might have guessed, the festivities are about more than just motorcycles. You’ll also see an impressive showcase of hot rods, trick trucks, and custom vehicles to make you swoon.

This year’s event is at Expo Idaho at 5610 N. Glenwood St. in Garden City, which is just a couple of short miles west of Boise. After 50 years of putting on this show, the event organizers are still going strong, and the venue brings in hundreds of enthusiasts each year.

You can come on by as early as noon on Friday, March 10, but even if you’re not there when the doors open, you can take in the sights until 9pm. The show lasts through Sunday, so if you don’t see everything on day one, you can always come back.

Tickets are available online or at the gate for $15. There are discounts available for seniors and children. That means you can bring the whole family for a fun weekend outing!

Safety Comes First with Law Tigers

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