Bring Your Buddy – Motorcycle Dog Seats!

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason – they want to go everywhere their humans go, even accompanying you to the bathroom! So, it’s no surprise that whenever you hit the open road, your pup wants to be your copilot.

Before you ride tandem with your pooch, you’ll need a safe and comfortable mode of transport. In this article, we’ll share our top three choices for motorcycle dog seats.

Dog sitting on motorcycle

The short answer is that it depends. Each city or state can have different rules and regulations about whether having your dog on a motorcycle with you is legal. It’s not uncommon for the law to neglect to specify laws for motorcycles, instead classifying them as an “open vehicle.” Typically, this means a flatbed truck, though the laws tend to apply to motorcycles as well.

In general, dogs are allowed to ride with you as long as you adhere to some safety and legal rules of the road. Most of these are common sense, but worth repeating here to avoid any unnecessary run-ins with the law.

–   The dog should be restrained.

–   The dog cannot ride between the handlebars.

–   You cannot ride with the dog on your lap

Do Dogs Enjoy Riding on Motorcycles?

Again, whether a dog shares your appreciation for the open road depends on the individual dog. The loud noises and vibrations can induce anxiety in some dogs because they view the machine as a threat.

Larger dogs, in particular, may be less amenable to hopping on a bike. Part of the reason is that they tend to dislike being picked up. If your dog is a herding dog, you might have even noticed him trying to “herd” bikes when they roar down the street.

Smaller dog breeds may be less threatened by motorcycles. They’re used to being handled and picked up by their owners, and the safety they feel in your arms or your proximity can more than compensate for any jarring noises or vibrations from the bike.

Introducing your dog at a young age can also help him acclimate better to the bike. Instead of having to “learn” how to ride with you, your pup will view riding as a way of life.

Top 3 Picks

There is a surprisingly large number of options for motorcycle dog seats. To help narrow down your choices, we picked three of our favorites.

Pillion Pooch: Best Overall Motorcycle Dog Seat

This seat looks more like a dog tent, and it does a great job of making Fido feel safe and secure. It’s built from a metal roll cage and is covered with a weather-resistant lining. What we love most about the Pillion Pooch is that it can accommodate larger breeds – up to 66 pounds.

It also includes restraints for two dogs, so you can bring two pooches on the road with you safely.

K9 Moto Cockpit: When Money is No Object

If you’re looking for the absolute top-quality motorcycle dog seat, it doesn’t get any better than the K9 Moto Cockpit. These seats are custom built for each motorcycle make and model, offering the ultimate in comfort and safety for your pet.

You also have options to customize the padding and upholstery. Our favorite feature is that you can have custom embroidered text on each side of the seat. How fun is that! The only obstacle that stands between you and the K9 Moto Cockpit is the steep price tag. Starting at $1,200, this motorcycle dog seat is luxurious!

Outward Hound Pooch Pouch: Most Affordable Option

If you’ve got a smaller dog and feel comfortable strapping him to your body like you would a baby, then the Outward Hound Pooch Pouch is for you. Not only is the Pooch Pouch affordable (under $40), but it allows you to have your dog as close to you as possible. It’s a perfect solution for smaller dogs that are nervous riders.

Take Your Best Friend on the Open Road with You

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