Cape Cod Motorcycle Tour on Route 6A

Want to see the best of Cape Cod on your motorcycle? Then we recommend traveling Historic Route 6A. 

Route 6A, also known as Old King’s Highway, takes you past some of the best scenic views on Cape Cod. Read on to learn more about taking a Cape Cod motorcycle tour on Route 6A. 

Historic Route 6A

Route 6A is one of only four national scenic byways in Massachusetts, and it only received national byway status in 2021. This route spans 62 miles from Bourne to Provincetown. It takes you through numerous small towns along Cape Cod that show off the island’s quaint beauty and natural scenery. 

Along the route, you’ll go through:

  • Bourne
  • Sagamore
  • Sandwich
  • Barnstable
  • Yarmouth
  • Dennis
  • Brewster
  • Orleans
  • Eastham
  • Wellfleet
  • Truro 
  • Provincetown

Each town offers its own unique attractions that introduce you to Cape Cod’s history. For instance, Yarmouth is home to Cape Cod’s oldest inn, the Old Yarmouth Inn. This inn dates back to 1696 and is still in business serving award-winning New England meals. Meanwhile, Barnstable is home to Village Smithy, the country’s oldest wooden jail. 

The Historic Route 6A also shows off the beautiful architecture and artwork throughout Cape Cod. For example, Dennis is home to the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Cape Playhouse, and Cape Cod Center for the Arts. In Brewster, you’ll find seascape paintings from famed Cape Cod painter Timothy John Struna at Struna Galleries. 

Of course, Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beachy views, and Historic Route 6A also gives you access to these. The entire route follows the coastline all the way to Provincetown, one of the outer cities of the island. You’ll also pass Cape Cod National Seashore in Wellfleet, which is a national park spanning 43,000 acres. 

“National Geographic” has named Route 6A one of the world’s most scenic drives for a good reason. This beautiful ride encompasses the best of Cape Cod Bay, showing off the island’s most popular attractions. 

Riding the Historic Route 6A

If you’re planning a Cape Cod motorcycle tour on Route 6A, you should be able to follow road signs for Route 6A to navigate the route. The route begins on Sandwich Road in Bourne, then passes through all the cities above in the order listed, ending on Province Lands Road in Provincetown. 

On the way back, you can either follow Historic Route 6A again, or travel along the island’s eastern coastline to see some new sights. You can stay on Route 6A until you get to Orleans, then continue the rest of the return trip on Route 28. 

Preparing For Your Route 6A Motorcycle Tour 

If you’re planning a motorcycle trip along Historic Route 6A, preparing for your trip adequately can help you have the best experience. Even though this route is only 62 miles, it passes through congested, busy traffic areas that can be tricky to navigate on your bike. You’ll need to watch out for other drivers, take the downtown roads slowly, and try not to get too distracted by the scenic views while you’re in traffic. 

Here are a few additional tips to help you have a safe, enjoyable cape cod motorcycle tour on Route 6A. 

  • Pack snacks and water in your storage compartment in case you stop in a more rural area.
  • Keep emergency tools and supplies in your storage compartment just in case you need them. 
  • Review Massachusetts motorcycle laws before heading out on your trip. 
  • Watch out for pedestrians who may be crossing downtown streets. 
  • Take extra caution in congested areas of the island. 


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