Catch The Spirit—Motorcycle Rides in Massachusetts

Female rider sitting on her motorcycle, Massachusetts

Do you want crisp, fresh air flowing through your hair while you rip down curvy, scenic, and exhilarating roads on your motorcycle? If so, you should try Massachusetts’ incredible, picturesque rides that feature expansive views of the ocean, national forests, enchanting towns, coastal cliffs, and breathtaking mountains.

With so many unique rides, how can you decide where to start? Use the list below to learn about the top options for motorcycle rides in Massachusetts. Our team of bike enthusiasts at Law Tigers, your go-to nationwide network of motorcycle lawyers, wants to help you enjoy outstanding rides. Here is our list of some personal favorites. Enjoy!

1. Quabbin Reservoir Loop

Enjoy the largest inland body of water in Massachusetts, 65 miles west of Boston and providing much of Boston’s water since the 1930s. The Quabbin Reservoir loop stretches 54 miles, circling the reservoir and offering fantastic views.

Begin at Route 122 before connecting with Route 32A. Once you reach this road, you can enjoy tight curves, minimal traffic, expansive farmlands, and a wonderful overlook point where you can buy some snacks from the New Salem Convenience Store.

2. Mohawk Trail

The 69-mile Mohawk Trail Scenic Byway in Western Massachusetts features some of the best mountain views in the state. If you want to experience riding between towering mountains where Native Americans tribes used to trade, this drive through deep forests and historic areas is perfect. Follow the road’s hairpin twists and turns to take in the views as you drive since you will not find many places to pull over.

3. Cape Cod National Seashore

Do you want to watch the ocean crash against the shore as you zoom by on your motorcycle? If so, you should try the Cape Cod tour along Route 6A. Here, you can gaze into the sea’s horizon, explore the beach, soak up the sun, and shop around quaint beachside shops.

You can drive along Cape Cod for up to 60 miles. We recommend taking a pit stop in Provincetown, where you can explore the Race Point lighthouse and a view tower overlooking the bay.

4. Route 119

If you search online for “motorcycle rides Massachusetts,” Route 119 will surely pop up near the top.

Starting in Groton and heading northwest, Route 119 will take you to the New Hampshire border. You’ll enjoy tight and twisty turns before opening up to expansive lake views. You can complete Route 119’s most scenic sections in only 13 miles, though continue driving deeper into NH to reach Brattleboro, a small town with lovely shops and restaurants. Visit the Ashburnham State Forest to experience an awe-inspiring waterfall.

5. Concord to Gloucester

Beginning in Concord, you can start your trip by visiting the Minute Man National Park or Ralph Waldo Emerson’s historic cabin. Once you hit the 140-mile tour toward Gloucester, you can enjoy scenic coastal views along the curving road. Stop in Salem to learn about the Salem Witch Trials, or check out Rockport to walk around some quirky shops and buzzing restaurants.

6. Dartmouth Loop

Dartmouth Loop offers all of the views you can imagine in a single, 27-mile drive, including mountains, ocean, and vast fields. Stop by Knowles Beach to watch sailboats disappear into the horizon or enjoy views of the sound by Potomska Road.

Ride Safe With Law Tigers on Your Side

Massachusetts offers miles of incredible and scenic drives for all motorcycle lovers. Whether you’re interested in mountain views, winding forests, exhilarating roads, or calm coastal drives, one of these motorcycle rides in Massachusetts will match your needs.

Before hitting the road, consider adding Law Tigers to your phone’s contact list. Law Tigers is a nationwide network of motorcycle attorneys with over 20 years experience protecting bikers’ rights. Our mission is to keep you safe so you can have fun on your bike. Call Law Tigers today at 1-888-863-7216 for a free case evaluation!