Chicago Motorcycle Accident Statistics 2022

Chicago Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcyclist, you must be aware of the potential dangers of riding your motorcycle on the roadway. Even if you take every safety measure possible, another driver can cause an accident and leave you with significant injuries. 

Reviewing Chicago motorcycle accident statistics for 2022 can help you remain aware of the potential for an accident on your motorcycle. Then, you can ensure that you take all the necessary measures to prevent a crash. 

Read on to learn Chicago motorcycle accident statistics. Then contact our Law Tigers team to schedule a consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney. 

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Statistics 2022

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) provides snapshot data for vehicular accidents for the year leading up to the current date. As of October 2022, 122 motorcycle accident fatalities have occurred throughout Illinois in 2022, and a significant portion of them occurred in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. 

Motorcycle accident fatalities make up about 15% of all accident fatalities throughout Illinois. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injuries because they do not have the protection of a car around them.

Motorcycle Accident Trends – 2016 to 2020

Because 2022 is not yet over, IDOT does not have a complete analysis of motorcycle accident statistics during the year. However, historical data can also prove valuable in understanding motorcycle accident trends. 

IDOT provides motorcycle accident trend data over five-year periods. Looking at the trend data from 2016 to 2020 can help you understand typical crash circumstances throughout Illinois. 

Here are a few quick facts from the IDOT trend data between 2016 and 2020: 

  • An average of 3,110 motorcycle accidents occurred each year
  • An average of 170 motorcycle accident fatalities occurred each year
  • An average of 2,193 motorcycle accidents involving injuries occurred each year
  • Over 15,500 motorcycle accidents occurred between 2016 and 2020
  • In 2020, more motorcyclists in the 21 to 34 age group were injured than in any other age group
  • Of the 153 motorcycle fatalities in 2020, all but 50 were unhelmeted 

Does Chicago Have More Motorcycle Accidents Than Other Cities in Illinois? 

Because Chicago is a major city that sees more drivers each day than more rural areas, this city also tends to have more traffic accidents. In 2021, 98,563 traffic accidents occurred throughout Chicago. In contrast, Springfield, another major Illinois city, only saw 3,338 crashes that same year. 

Unfortunately, if you live in Chicago or travel through the city frequently, you may have a higher risk of experiencing an accident compared to residents in other Illinois cities. 

Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycle accidents are all too common in Chicago and the surrounding areas. While not all accidents are preventable, you can take a few measures to avoid crashes and keep yourself safe on the road. 

Here are our Law Tigers tips to prevent motorcycle accidents:

  • Slow down and stick to posted speed limits.
  • Look behind you at intersections to check for speeding drivers.
  • Check twice before turning onto busy roads.
  • Never ride between moving traffic and parked cars.
  • Keep up with routine maintenance on your bike.
  • Never drink and drive.

Finally, you should always wear a DOT-approved helmet while operating a motorcycle. Even though helmets are not legally required for motorcyclists in Illinois, wearing one could make the difference between dying in a motorcycle crash and walking away unscathed. Additionally, if you were not wearing a helmet in a crash, you may be partially liable for your injuries, reducing your compensation. 

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