Chicago Motorcycle Auctions

Motorcyclist sitting on his bike

Are you in the market for a new or used motorcycle? Browsing an auction could allow you to save money and score the perfect bike for your needs. 

Motorcycle auctions typically include a wide range of used motorcycles from various sources. For example, some auctions receive their bikes from salvage yards, while others auction off brand-new bicycles from dealers like Harley-Davidson. 

Read on to learn about the best Chicago motorcycle auctions and our tips for having the best experience at one. 

Best Motorcycle Auctions in Chicago

Some auction houses offer better deals and inventory than others. Here are the two best Chicago motorcycle auctions: 

Crashed Toys

Crashed Toys is a motorcycle auction company with locations across the country. This company has an auction house on Sauk Trail in Chicago Heights where you can browse its inventory in person and bid during live auctions. Sales take place several days a week at noon. 

You can also check out the company’s available bikes on its website. Just sort the inventory by location, then enter “Chicago” to see all of the motorcycles available at that auction house. This process can help ensure that you find a bike you like before attending an auction. 

Salvage Bikes

Salvage Bikes is a nationwide auction company offering live and asynchronous auctions online. You can filter the company’s inventory by bikes for sale in Illinois, allowing you to see available options in your area. Then, you can submit a bid online or participate in a live online auction. 

This online sales process allows you to compare bikes quickly and easily, then narrow your options to a few motorcycles that meet your needs. You can view the specifications about each motorcycle on the website, ensuring that you have all of the information you need to make a purchase. 

How Do Motorcycle Auctions Work? 

You can find a few different styles of Chicago motorcycle auctions. In-person auctions typically allow you to browse all of the bikes available, then place bids during a live, traditional-style auction. Meanwhile, virtual auctions enable you to sort through available bikes online and place a bid at your convenience before the auction ends at a designated time. 

Many motorcyclists prefer the experience of attending an in-person auction over an online one. In-person auctions allow you to meet and converse with other motorcyclists, view motorcycles up close, and gauge other participants’ interest in a bike in real-time. 

However, online auctions offer a more convenient, effortless experience that some bikers prefer. If you’re searching for a specific motorcycle make and model, for example, you can browse an online auction website until you find your perfect fit. 

Helpful Tips for Attending Motorcycle Auctions

If you’ve never attended an in-person motorcycle auction before, you may feel a little out of your wheelhouse. Here are a few tips to help you succeed in your first motorcycle auction: 

  • Start by attending auctions just to look: We recommend attending auctions with no intentions of buying until you feel comfortable with the auction process and atmosphere. Auctions are fast-paced and high-energy, and you’ll want to feel completely confident before you attempt to win a bid. 
  • Try not to impulse buy: Auctions are fast and energetic for a reason: to get participants to make impulse decisions. However, we recommend deciding on a bike before the bidding begins and setting a budget so you don’t get caught up in a bidding war. 
  • Examine the inventory closely before bidding: Auction companies often sell crashed or salvage bikes that don’t have the best histories. We recommend examining a motorcycle closely, including its repair history and current condition, before buying it. 


Attending Chicago motorcycle auctions is an excellent way to source bikes and parts – as long as you plan ahead. Calling Law Tigers is a great way to make sure your rights are protected after being injured in a motorcycle accident. Call for a free case evaluation at (888) 863-7216.