Cruise to Good Eats at these Top 6 Mississippi Restaurants

Riding a motorcycle through Mississippi is a great way to experience the countryside and enjoy the freedom of the open road. It’s also an ideal way to work up an appetite, as Mississippi is well-known for its delicious food and southern hospitality.

Whether you’re already well-versed in the great rides the state has to offer or are a fresh visitor, we’ve mapped out six of the best restaurants in Mississippi that you should hit up on your next solo ride or group cruise.

The 5 Best Mississippi Restaurants to Try on Your Ride

Here’s where you can find comfort food and award-winning gulf coast cuisine on your Mississippi motorcycle rides.

1.   The Shed (Ocean Springs)

If you’re looking for an authentic BBQ spot in Mississippi, then The Shed in Ocean Springs is the destination for you. Known for its succulent cuts of meat, stiff drinks (including Jell-O shots), and casual vibe, it is a perfect spot for a group of hungry riders to rest up. Grab some ribs and chicken, grab a beverage, and reflect on the motorcycle ride that took you to one of the most famous restaurants in the state.

2.   Last Call Bar and Grill (Jackson)

Last Call is located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, and they serve massive and delicious steaks, perfectly trimmed BBQ sandwiches, and awesome fries. With cold drinks and serving sizes deserving of hungry riders, you couldn’t ask for more. . It’s surprising it isn’t featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” but for now, you’re going to have to make your own episode as you capture some of the magic of this Mississippi treasure.

3.   The Old Country Store (Lorman)

Home to the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Best Fried Chicken’, The Old Country Store is a must-stop for motorcycle riders on the Natchez Trace Ride. In addition to their strong claim on chicken, they host an eclectic menu in a quaint early 1900’s storefront that will remind you of a country store. Make sure to check out their BBQ platters paired with their fixin’s on the side (watch out though, their sauces have quite a kick!) and kick your heels up for a classic down-south meal after a long ride.

4.   Gibbe’s Old Country Store (Vicksburg)

Just the fact that there are two Old Country Stores that function as famous Mississippi restaurants along the Natchez Trace is a testament to the local food culture. Gibbe’s is a steak and chop house that will knock your socks off with its diverse cuts of meat and spectacular service. If you’re looking for a lamb chop with a gin martini or simply a steak and a beer, this place is just for you.We love the restaurants along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi and heartily recommend Gibbe’s.

5.   Bill’s Hamburgers (Amory)

Bill’s Hamburgers is a Mississippi mainstay for locals and road-hungry riders alike. With a simple, yet mouthwatering menu of classic burgers, this is definitely the perfect place to pop in for a pit stop from your ride. Grab a fountain drink and kick your boots up on a table outside while you enjoy a perfect hamburger or cheeseburger. Bill’s has been around since 1929, and they’ve been a great place for motorcycle riders in Mississippi to visit ever since. Make sure to go a little bit before lunchtime to beat the crowds – a local tip for the fastest service.

6.   Taylor Grocery & Restaurant (Taylor)

A late-1800’s classic in its namesake town, Taylor Grocery and Restaurant is a hidden gem for seafood in Mississippi. It began as a general store selling dry goods, but once they started selling fried catfish to the locals, the demand was immense, so they expanded their kitchen. These days, they serve their classic dish along with shrimp, sausage, gumbo, and all sorts of other fried foods. Make sure to grab a bottle of their famous all-purpose seasoning as a souvenir to use in your own kitchen so you’ll always remember the good times you had riding through Taylor.

 Be sure to let us know which one of these classics you liked and any other restaurants in Mississippi we should feature next time!

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