Discover Bridger Mountain Motorcycle Trails in Montana

Riding on Bridger Mountain, Montana

Montana offers some of the country’s most spectacular mountain and canyon views. This area is the perfect scenic place to take a motorcycle tour, soak in the beautiful sights, and spend time surrounded by nature. 

Bridger Mountain is an area of Montana that attracts many tourists each year. Riding your bike on Bridger Mountain, Montana, motorcycle trails is an excellent way to take in the beauty of this mountain range while participating in your favorite hobby. 

Read on to learn about the best Bridger Mountain motorcycle trails. 

What Is Bridger Mountain?

Bridger Mountain is a subrange of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. This range spans north to south from Bozeman to Maudlow, MT. 

This mountain range got its name from mountain man Jim Bridger, who pioneered the Bridger Trail through the mountains in 1864. The entire mountain range is located within Gallatin National Forest, a U.S. national forest encompassing over 2.1 million acres across southwest Montana. 

Best Motorcycle Trails Near Bridger Mountain 

Bridger Mountain is home to numerous roads and byways that make for excellent motorcycle road trips. Here are a few great Bridger Mountain, Montana, motorcycle trails: 

Bridger Range Scenic Drive

Bridger Range Scenic Drive is a 31-mile paved route that runs from Wilsall to Bozeman, following Montana Highway 86 through its entirety. This route offers many beautiful views, with the Bridger Range as its focal point and backdrops. 

To ride this scenic drive on your motorcycle, head west on Highway 86 out of Wilsall. You’ll quickly come upon spectacular views of snow-covered mountains on either side — the Bridger Range to the west and the Crazy Mountains to the east. 

Next, you’ll pass the junction at Flathead Creek Road. If you’re looking for a more adventurous ride, you can take a detour on this rocky road that climbs through the Bridger Range. 

Continuing along Highway 86, you’ll begin to gain elevation and enter the Gallatin National Forest. After another 20 miles, you’ll reach the Bridger Bowl Ski Area, one of the state’s most popular, scenic ski areas. This bowl receives close to 400 inches of snow annually.

Altogether, the Bridger Range Scenic Drive is an excellent route to experience the Bridger Mountains to the fullest. 

Wilsall Loop 

Wilsall Loop is another scenic drive that shows off pristine views of the Bridger Mountain Range. This quick loop begins on Highway 86 out of Bozeman, following part of the Bridger Range Scenic Drive route. You’ll get spectacular views of Crazy Mountain Range on this road as well. 

Eventually, you’ll reach a junction for Highway 89. Taking a right on this highway will lead you back to I-90, where you can head west toward your starting point. 

Bridger Canyon

You’ll definitely want to make time to visit Bridger Canyon during your motorcycle tour. Begin in Bozeman, then head north on Highway 86. Follow signs for Bridger Canyon Drive, which will lead you directly to the Bridger Bowl.

This shorter route from Bozeman offers excellent mountain views and up-close encounters with wildlife. You can expect to see raptors, Golden eagles, and various other birds near Bridger Canyon. 

Bozeman Pass

Bozeman Pass is a route between Bridger and the Gallatin Mountains that follows Interstate 90 and U.S. 191. It’s a major thoroughfare that also offers excellent mountain views. 

Located 13 miles east of Bozeman, Bozeman Pass has an elevation of 5,819 feet and plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. It’s also located along the Historic Lewis and Clark Trail, which the pair followed while discovering the west. 

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