Discover Little River Canyon On Your Motorcycle

Little River Canyon National Preserve, Fort Payne, Alabama

Being a motorcyclist allows you to experience beautiful natural attractions from your bike. You can feel the wind on your back, smell the sweet natural scents, and see an up-close view of scenic landscapes and mountains while participating in one of your favorite hobbies. 

If you live in Alabama or are planning a trip soon, you’ll want to add the Little River Canyon to your list of must-see attractions on your bike. This canyon offers beautiful views and is surrounded by curvy, twisting roads that are perfect for a motorcycle journey. 

Read on to learn the best way to experience a Little River Canyon motorcycle ride. 

What Is Little River Canyon? 

Little River Canyon National Preserve is a U.S. national preserve near Fort Payne, Alabama. This preserve sits at the top of Lookout Mountain and includes over 15,000 acres of wooded trails, gorgeous waterfalls, and awe-inspiring scenic overlooks. 

Little River is one of the preserve’s favored attractions. This river flows through the middle of Lookout Mountain, and over time this flow path has carved out deep canyons. It’s also one of the cleanest waterways in the south.

DeSoto State Park is located within Little River Canyon National Preserve. This area offers a wide range of recreational activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. You can stay in a nearby lodge or camp in a designated camping area. 

Little River Canyon Parkway 

The best way to experience Little River Canyon on your motorcycle is to ride the Little River Canyon Parkway. This route offers fantastic views, fun curves, and smooth, paved roads, making for an enjoyable ride. 

Little River Canyon Parkway spans just 12 miles, making it a quick and easy ride to complete in an afternoon. You should be able to complete the route there and back within around an hour. As a result, you’ll have plenty of time to slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canyon without feeling rushed to complete the trip in a reasonable time. 

Here are the directions for this route:

  1. Begin at the junction of AL Route 35 and AL Route 176.
  2. Follow Route 176 south for 12 miles. 
  3. Turn around once you reach Dog Town. 

You’ll find plenty of twisties and curves along the route to keep you interested throughout the short ride. You’ll also travel along the rim of the Little River Canyon for much of the trip. As a result, we recommend this parkway only for intermediate and advanced riders who have experience with winding roads. 

This motorcycle route offers several scenic pull-off spots that allow you to take in the beauty of the surrounding nature. Many of these lookout spots also feature picnic tables, allowing you to stop for a bite to eat and enjoy scenic views during your meal. 

You’ll also find ample gas stations and fast-food restaurants to keep you fueled up during your trip. 

Things to See Near Little River Canyon 

If you’re looking to extend your Little River Canyon motorcycle ride outside of the 12-mile route above, you can add a few natural attractions to your trip. The Little River Canyon area features numerous scenic attractions you can enjoy on your bike or on foot. 

Here are a few attractions you won’t want to miss near Little River Canyon:

  • Graces High Falls
  • Hippie Hole
  • Eberhart Point Overlook
  • Canyon Mouth Picnic Area
  • Fort Payne Depot Museum
  • Manitou Cave
  • Indian Falls

Overall, the Little River Canyon area offers some of the most beautiful natural views in Alabama. You won’t regret adding a Little River Canyon motorcycle ride to your next Alabama motorcycle trip. 

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