Discover Marblehead, MA, on Two Wheels

Motorcycle trip to Marblehead, MA

When you ride around New England, take a day trip to the historical town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Marblehead drives allow you to go back in time and experience colonial America like never before. Grab your motorcycle and head to Marblehead, MA, for a ride you’ll always remember.

The Route

The Essex National Heritage Area Scenic Byway will lead you 24 miles from Newburyport to Gloucester. Along the way, you’ll see some of the most beautiful, historic parts of New England and have a chance to experience the region’s rich history. You’ll pass famous towns like Essex, Ipswich, Newbury, and Rowley on your way to Marblehead, MA.

The Attractions

Marblehead is a waterfront town that sits on a peninsula and boasts incredible landscapes and age-old sights. The town’s history dates back to 1629, when colonists arrived and built a small fishing village. When you take your day trip there, you’ll want to make the most of it by seeing these sights.

Marblehead’s Old Town

If you want to step back in time and see colonial homes, antique shops, art galleries, quaint restaurants, and inns, don’t miss Marblehead’s Old Town. This district has something for everyone, and you can spend hours looking at historic architecture and reading plaques. You’ll also get within walking distance of the harbor and find plenty of dining options.

Old Burial Hill

Not far from downtown Marblehead is Old Burial Hill. This picturesque graveyard has many well-preserved headstones from the Puritan era, dating back to 1638. If you climb the stairs winding up Old Burial Hill, you’ll find a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean and the town.

Marblehead Neck

Marblehead, Massachusetts, drives are never complete without a trip down Marblehead Neck. At the far end of the Neck, you’ll come to Chandler Hovey Park, where an unusual lighthouse has stood since 1895. The lighthouse has a rusty iron, skeleton-like structure and towers over the primary park attraction: Marblehead Harbor.

F.L. Woods Store

Do you want to visit an original storefront and contribute to a local institution? The F.L. Woods shop has been on Washington Street in Marblehead since 1938, initially providing residents with fishing and boat supplies. Nowadays, you can find lots of good stuff, including American-made apparel, totes, and accessories.

The Eats

Riding around Massachusetts and visiting Marblehead will make you hungry. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to stop for a bite. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite restaurants.

5 Corners Kitchen

5 Corners Kitchen is the perfect place to go during long Marblehead, Massachusetts drives. The restaurant has a pricier menu than other dining options, but the food is worth it. You can fill up on French bistro, Marblehead specials, and even international cuisine while enjoying the beautiful, laid-back seaside atmosphere.

The Landing

If you want stunning vistas to go with your meal, nothing beats The Landing. This restaurant is located on Marblehead Harbor and features a menu with fresh, local foods and chef-inspired entrees. You can walk from Marblehead’s Old Town and enjoy a view of the harbor no matter where you sit.

Maddie’s Sail Loft

Maddie’s Sail Loft on State Street provides arguably the best cocktails and refreshments in Marblehead. This bar-and-grill restaurant sits in the historic downtown district, so you don’t have to give up sightseeing to grab a bite.

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