Discover the Palouse Scenic Byway in Washington State

Exploring Palouse Scenic Byway in Motorcycle

Winding through Whitman County, Washington, are seven interlinking highways which together form the Palouse Scenic Byway. This route offers scenic views of a picturesque landscape perfect for a motorcycle road trip in Southeast Washington. Don’t miss checking out this beautiful drive the next time you ride through the Palouse area.

The Route

Starting in Pullman, head north on Highway 27, passing through Garfield, Oakesdale, and Tekoa—or head north on State Highway 195 through Colfax and Rosalia. You can head west from Colfax on State Highway 26 through Dusty and La Crosse to the Adams County Line.

Seven highways comprise the 208-mile path of the Palouse Scenic Byway in Washington. They include:

  • SR 272 between Palouse and Colfax
  • SR 26 between Adams County and Colfax
  • SR 27 between Pullman and Tekoa, passing through Palouse
  • SR 194 between Pullman and Almota
  • US 195 between Idaho and Rosalia
  • SR 271 between Rosalia and Oakesdale
  • SR 278 between Rockford and Idaho (added in 2011)

These highways crisscross Southeast Washington through wheat fields, small towns, campgrounds, parks, hills, and more. Stop to enjoy a hike, visit a local museum to learn about the area, and enjoy fresh ice cream and cheeses at one of the larger dairy farms in the area.

Attractions to Explore

Don’t miss Palouse Falls State Park, where the Palouse River drops approximately 200 feet approximately four miles upstream of the confluence with the Snake River. Palouse Falls State Park offers camping, hiking, and more.

The Steptoe Battlefield State Park Heritage Site in Rosalia commemorates a historical battle in 1858 between American forces under the command of Lt. Col. Edward Steptoe and an alliance of native warriors including the Palouse, Spokane, and Coeur d’Alene tribes.

The Steptoe Butte in Whitman offers stunning views of farmlands, rolling hills, and more. The summit offers informational panels that explain the geological formation of the butte, which stands at 3,612 feet above sea level. The quartzite rock of the butte is over 400 million years old, while the geology of the surrounding area ranges between 7-15 million years old.

The Roy M. Chatters Newspaper Museum in Palouse delves into the history of printing, featuring printing presses, linotype machines, and newspaper printing equipment, as well as historical newspapers from Whitman County.

Visit the Washington State University Bear Center in Pullman to view grizzly bears from the main WSU parking lot. Bears are visible during their active periods in the spring, summer, and fall. They usually hibernate through winter, making sightings rare.

Refuel Your Bike and Yourself

For a great burger or chicken sandwich, turn to The Land in Pullman. This college town favorite offers cold drinks and hot plates of loaded fries, sandwiches, tacos, and more.

In Palouse, visit the Palouse Caboose Bar and Grill for barbecue, burgers, fries, sandwiches, and more. The patio area is perfect for dogs if your riding buddy has paws and a tail.

If you’re in Colfax for lunch, don’t miss a visit to Serfes Foods for sandwiches, crepes, and more. If you miss lunch at Serfes, visit Rosauers Supermarkets and visit the Café for breakfast, coffee, sandwiches, chicken, salads, soups, and more.

Riding through Tekoa around breakfast or lunch time? Don’t miss a stop at Frosty’s Diner for omelets, biscuits, burgers, and more.

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