Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle ride

A motorcycle doesn’t offer the same protection and safety features as a car, so motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to the negligent conduct of other drivers. Bikers often sustain severe injuries, property damage, and economic losses in a motorcycle crash. If someone else’s negligence resulted in a motorcycle accident and damages, you might be entitled to seek compensation. 

At Law Tigers, your nationwide team of motorcycle attorneys, we recommend that motorcycle riders hire a lawyer after an accident to ensure the most favorable outcome. In this blog post, we look at reasons why you need a motorcycle accident attorney.

After a motorcycle accident, knowing and protecting your rights is critical. For example, suppose another vehicle operator used their phone while driving and then collided with you, leaving you disabled and unable to earn an income. In that case, you should pursue compensation from the other driver. 

A motorcycle accident attorney knows precisely which legal remedies are available to you. Your attorney will also guide you through the process of protecting your rights and claiming compensation for your injury or economic losses.

You Might Have a Delayed Onset Injury

After a motorcycle accident, you might not immediately notice severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or internal bleeding. These injuries often have no visible presence at first, especially since the release of adrenaline and other hormones can numb your pain. 

Even if you don’t experience pain after an accident, seeking immediate medical care is of vital importance to your case. Early medical attention will prevent further complications and ensure that you have proof of your injuries when the insurance adjusters call. 

Insurance companies often argue that accident victims’ claims are unwarranted if they didn’t seek immediate emergency medical care. Your motorcycle accident injury lawyer will ensure that your delayed onset injuries are on record before you settle a claim.

The Settlement Offer Might Not Cover Your Damages

Generally, insurance companies will always try to pay the lowest compensation amounts possible. After filing your claim, your insurer will likely deny your claim or offer a settlement that doesn’t cover your damages. 

When receiving a lowball settlement offer, people often assume that the insurance company has a legitimate reason for the low offer, which they accept without further negotiation. In many cases, insurance companies are unwilling to negotiate with claimants who don’t have legal representation. 

However, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer working on your behalf who will calculate all your present and future damages and then negotiate with the insurance company to try and get you a fair settlement.

Determining Liability Can Be Challenging

Determining who is responsible for a motorcycle accident can be difficult, especially if no witnesses were present at the scene. In this case, the at-fault party might try to pin responsibility on you to reduce the claim amount or to get compensation for their damages. 

You need an experienced accident attorney who will investigate and gather evidence to prove that the other party was liable. Getting legal help will prevent a situation in which you need to compensate the at-fault party.

When to Handle a Case on Your Own

You should only consider handling your claim on your own if you have extremely light vehicle damage or a very minor injury, such as a scratch. However, if your physical or financial well being depends on the claim’s success, you absolutely need to contact an accident attorney as soon as possible. 

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