Do You Believe? A Roswell, New Mexico, Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle ride to Roswell, NM, home of the infamous Roswell UFO incident

Are you planning a motorcycle trip through New Mexico and want to try something a little different? Head over to Roswell, NM, home of the infamous Roswell UFO incident! A Roswell, New Mexico, motorcycle ride could be just the thing to spice up your riding season.   

The Route to Roswell, New Mexico

Following motorcycle roads to Roswell from the nearest big city will take a while. Albuquerque is probably your best bet for a starting point. From there, you can take this route through the Land of Enchantment:

  • Get on Interstate 40, heading east toward Clines Corners
  • Take exit 218 to merge onto U.S. Highway 285, heading south toward Encino
  • From Encino, continue following Highway 285 south to Roswell
  • Highway 285 will bring you right into the heart of Roswell along Main Street
  • The International UFO Museum and Research Center is at 114 North Main Street

Highway 285 is an excellent route for enjoying the open road and taking in some of New Mexico’s incredible landscape. While it’s not a scenic byway, this segment of your Roswell, New Mexico, motorcycle ride offers a sneak peek at how the state acquired its nickname. You’ll ride along wide-open, dusty plains, past awe-inspiring mountain ranges, and through quaint communities where you can stretch your legs and meet the locals. 

History of Roswell, NM

In July 1947, officers stationed at the Roswell Army Airfield (now Walker Air Force Base) recovered an unidentifiable object at a nearby ranch. Authorities claimed it was a flying disc at first, but then they said it was merely a typical weather balloon. However, that didn’t stop UFO conspiracy theories from formulating.

The incident stayed relatively quiet until the renowned UFO researcher Stanton Friedman rekindled interest in it during the early 1980s. Friedman visited Roswell and did an in-depth investigation, uncovering that the alleged flying disc (or weather balloon) may have actually been extraterrestrial. The well-documented research and mysterious events have captured the public’s imagination and led to numerous books and films about aliens and conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, the town of Roswell has made the most of this publicity. It has embraced the strange happenings of 1947, built its community marketing strategy around this identity, and become the UFO Capital of the World. You can’t miss this local legend when passing through the area.  

Things To Do in Roswell, NM

You’ll find plenty to do and see on your Roswell, New Mexico, motorcycle rides. On top of the natural beauty and panoramic vistas, you can enjoy a plethora of activities and attractions in town. Here are some of our favorites.

International UFO Museum and Research Center

Do you want to learn about UFOs, aliens, and other out-of-this-world research projects? Stop by the International UFO Museum and Research Center. You can delve into the mysterious Roswell Incident and discover what “ufologists” have accomplished and investigated since then.

UFO Festival

Every year during the first week of July, hundreds of people gather for the UFO Festival in Roswell. You can enjoy games, live music, local cuisine, and family-friendly activities. You’ll also get a chance to dive into the area’s unique history and traditions.

Historic District

If you’d like to walk around and see the sights, we recommend taking a stroll through Roswell’s historic district. The community first formed in the 1830s, and the downtown sector features some restored original buildings.

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