Emergency Braking on the Motorcycle: Quick Tips

Motorcycle Braking
Image courtesy of mikepope.com

To avoid colliding with another vehicle, sometimes you simply have no other choice but to stop as quickly as possible. The following suggestions are designed to help you stop your motorcycle as quickly and safely as you can.


One common practice is to firmly apply both brakes while avoiding locking them up. It’s a good idea to practice this on a number of occasions in an open area free of debris such as a parking facility at a school, mall, or other area that’s free of cars and other potential hazards.

When you need to break abruptly, try to keep the motorcycle upright, traveling in a straight line. It’s critical to look where you’re going rather than where you’ve just been.

If you must slow down quickly, it’s also important to avoid locking up the front brake. If the wheel does chirp, release the hand brake for a brief moment and immediately reapply without locking it up.

In the event that your rear wheel locks up, do not release the brake. If your handlebars are straight, your motorcycle will naturally skid in a straight line. Don’t be alarmed, your primary goal is to stop the bike and avoid colliding with another vehicle.