Everyday Heroes – Adam Sandoval and Ari Levenbaum

Fox Sports Arizona’s Jody Jackson talks with Adam Sandoval and Ari Levenbaum in a new Everyday Heroes segment. 

Adam talks about selling all his possessions in 2014 to ride his motorcycle to every Harley Davidson dealership in the country and how he used that opportunity to give back to the veteran community. 

Adam’s saying is, “If you did not serve in your military, find time to serve those who did.” He has truly lived that out by supporting veteran charities like Wounded Warrior Project, the American Legion Legacy scholarship fund, and Motorcycle Missions, amongst others.

Be sure to tune in to hear the dramatic story of how the Law Tigers’ team first met Adam and how we have supported him throughout his rides around the country, including through a bad accident that could have left him ruined financially.

Now he’s back on the road and ready to get back out and ride. His 2021 plans include a trip to Arizona, Mexico, and Alaska! If Adam’s adventures have you wanting to hop on a motorcycle, Ari shares how to get started with the Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation.