Experience the Lolo Pass Motorcycle Ride

Two motorcycle riders on a trip to Lolo Pass mountains.

Have you ever heard of Lolo Pass? This mountain pass offers stunning views from elevations of over 5,000 feet, and you can experience it on your motorcycle. 

Taking a Lolo Pass motorcycle ride is an excellent way to experience this mountain pass to the fullest. The ride takes place in Idaho and Montana, spanning over 150 miles from beginning to end.

Read on to learn more about taking a Lolo Pass motorcycle ride. 

What Is Lolo Pass?

Lolo Pass is a mountain pass within Idaho and Montana that reaches an elevation of 5,233 feet. This mountain pass is part of the Bitterroot Mountain range, a northern section of the Rocky Mountains. 

This pass sits along Highway 12 and is seven miles west of Lolo Hot Springs. It is also the highest point of the historic Lolo Trail, which Lewis and Clark followed during their expedition in 1805. 

Riding up to Lolo Pass is a unique, awe-inspiring experience. From the pass, you can see beautiful views of the Montana mountain scenery. However, the ride itself is also enjoyable, featuring the smooth twisties and narrow roads many motorcyclists love. 

Taking a Lolo Pass Motorcycle Ride

You can ride directly through Lolo Pass on your motorcycle. The pass is located along Highway 12, also known as the Lewis and Clark Highway. 

We recommend starting your trip at the beginning of Highway 12 in Greer, Idaho. Then, continue for 150 miles east on the highway until you reach the Fort Fizzle interpretive site in Montana. The route should take about two and a half hours one way. 

The highway is two lanes and has a speed limit of 50 miles per hour or less throughout. It’s a narrow road that is often busy with tourists, so you’ll want to take extra caution while riding it on your motorcycle. 

Thankfully, the road is entirely paved and includes only a few sharp twists and turns, making it an easy route for beginners. However, it is considered a winding road with numerous gently sweeping corners throughout. You’ll want to take caution and slow down slightly as you navigate these curves.

We recommend fueling up before you begin, then getting gas again in the small town of Lowell, which is just west of Lolo Pass. Highway 12 has only a few gas stations, and you don’t want to risk running out. 

Even the most experienced riders will appreciate the stunning views throughout this route, especially once they reach Lolo Pass and witness the spectacular scenery below. This Lolo Pass route offers the perfect opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and experience the beautiful, remote sights of Montana’s mountain scenery. 

Lolo Pass Visitor Center

As you ride along Lolo Pass, you’ll experience a remote setting with few amenities and services. However, you’ll come across the Lolo Pass Visitor Center during the route, where you can stop, use the facilities, and learn more about Lolo Pass. 

This visitor center is located in the region where expeditioners Lewis and Clark passed over Lolo Pass in the Bitterroot Mountains. The buildings that make up the visitor center were originally part of the Old Mud Creek ranger station, but they were moved to Lolo Pass in 1977. 

The visitor center features a warming hut, interpretive center, and cross-country ski and snowmobile trail trailheads. This facility is located near the 47-mile point of Highway 12. 

As you prepare for your Lolo Pass motorcycle ride, be sure to keep Idaho’s and Montana’s motorcycle laws in mind and take extra precautions as you navigate narrow mountain roads. 

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