Explore Big Horn Basin Loop in Wyoming Via Motorcycle

Motorcycle ride to Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin

Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin is an intermontane basin and plateau area between several mountain ranges, including the Bighorn Mountains on the eastern edge. Pioneers settled the basin for ranching and farming, and farms in the region now grow several grains, grasses, sugar beets, sunflowers, and pinto beans.

The Big Horn Basin Loop in Wyoming, which is perfect for motorcycles, will take you around the edge of the basin and through several smaller towns. The area offers forests, cliffsides, mountains, hills, valleys, and river crossings, as well as the occasional place to stop and wet your whistle at a local bar or saloon.

The Route to Travel on Your Bike

Starting in Buffalo, fill your gas tank and your stomach, then head west on US 16 for 63.6 miles to the tiny town of Ten Sleep. Turn right onto Lower Nowood Road and follow it for approximately 20 miles, then turn left onto WY 31 West. Take WY 31 approximately 15 miles to Manderson. In Manderson, turn right onto US 20 West.

Take US 20 to Greybull. Stop for a bite to eat or make a right onto US 14 East. Follow 14 East over the mountains through Shell, Dayton, and Ranchester back to I-90. Go South to end your trip in Sheridan or continue on to Buffalo to make a complete circle around Big Horn Basin Loop in Wyoming.

Attractions To Stop and See

The geology of the basin includes sedimentary layers from the Cambrian Period up to the Miocene Period, as well as Cretaceous Period fossils found in the eastern part of the basin. Hobbyist geologists can observe formations in Willwood and Fort Union formed during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum when the area became much more arid for 20,000-50,000 years around 55 million years ago.

In Buffalo, the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum describes the local history of the area and features fossils, replicas, and antiques on display to include the area’s history of dinosaur species, the Old West, and local Native American influence.

In Greybull, the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting demonstrates the history of fighting fires from the air, along with allowing visitors to see many retired aircraft.

A bit off the main road is the Red Gulch Dinosaur Track site, where you can see hundreds of fossilized footprints from massive dinosaur migrations.

In Shell, don’t miss Shell Canyon. The area offers trails, hiking, rock formations, waterfalls, and creeks for photography, birdwatching, and enjoying the outdoors.

Plan a trip to the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area for skiing, snowboarding, and more during the winter.

When you get to Sheridan, visit the Trail End State Historic Site if you’re visiting between April and December. This Flemish revival mansion offers guided tours.

Where To Refuel Your Stomach and Your Bike

In Ten Sleep, you’ll find the Ten Sleep Saloon & Steakhouse serving American classics like burgers, country-fried steaks, barbecue, and breakfast favorites. You can also get breakfast all day at The Daily Bread Café.

If you get hungry around Manderson, check out the Hi Way Bar & Café for burgers, steaks, and cold beer. It offers a great stop for exploring the nearby river, canyons, and other formations.

Grab a slice at CC’s Pizza in Greybull, or visit the Old Shell Store Kitchen & Taphouse in Shell. If riding through on a weekend, stop at the Dayton Mercantile for a sandwich and some snacks.

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