Explore Chama to Taos, New Mexico, by Motorcycle

Chama to Taos Tour, by Motorcycle

Riding from Chama to Taos, New Mexico, is an exceptional day trip with seemingly endless points of interest. The entire ride is only 95 miles on US 64 and takes approximately two hours and twenty minutes without stops. However, you will want to stop often and make a few dirt road detours along the way.

Some of the most popular stops include the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Heron Lake State Park, Ghost Ranch, Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, and Taos Pueblo. You will find a fantastic selection of food, lodging, and shopping along the route as well. 

Read on to learn all you need to know about riding from Chama to Taos, New Mexico, on your bike. 

Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Located right in Chama, New Mexico, this narrow-gauge railroad running 64 miles to Antonio, Colorado, is a fun experience for all. The railroad is a registered National Historic Landmark owned jointly by the states of Colorado and New Mexico. 

The route crosses the two states’ borders eleven times as it runs alongside canyon walls, through two tunnels, and over a 137-foot-high bridge. If you take the ride, keep your eyes out for wildlife as you travel through a forest of aspen trees, across the open plains, and alongside rocky geologic formations. It is common for passengers to spot a deer, eagle, fox, antelope, elk, or bear during the trip.  

You can take the full-ride or half-ride daily on Tuesdays through Sundays. The train generally opens for the season around Memorial Day.   

Heron Lake State Park 

If you want to explore beautiful hiking trails, camp, fish, or engage in water sports, Heron Lake State Park has everything you want to find. The park is just a short detour from US 64 south of Chama, New Mexico. 

Heron Lake offers both primitive and fully developed campsites. The visitor’s center offers exhibits and provides educational programs. You can follow a 5.5-mile walking trail and end up in neighboring El Vado Lake State Park after crossing a suspension bridge over the Rio Chama Gorge. 

Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch may imply an intricate haunted ranch. Instead, it is a retreat run by the Presbyterian Church featuring workshops and activities. In addition, the ranch includes anthropology and paleontology museums, as well as several beautiful hiking trails. 

Check the schedule to see which programs it is offering. The Ghost Ranch offers day passes as well as overnight stays. 

Grande Gorge Bridge

Enjoy the incredible scenery as you cross the Rio Grande Gorge on the second-highest bridge in the U.S. highway system. You are an amazing 600 feet above the Rio Grande as you travel the 1,280-foot-long bridge.  

Just past the bridge is the Greater World Earthship Community. Here you can see a collection of self-sufficient homes made from earth and recycled materials. 

Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo, the original Taos, is just one mile outside the modern town of Taos, New Mexico. Initially built by a Taos-speaking Native American tribe, the pueblos have been continuously inhabited since their creation, making the Taos Pueblo one of the oldest communities in the country. 

We hope you enjoy the ride from Chama to Taos, New Mexico. 

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