Explore Scenic Minnesota Waterfall Loop on Motorcycle

Exploring Minnesota Waterfall on Motorcycle

Minnesota is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the U.S. While many waterfalls in the North Star State are located along the shores of Lake Superior, the following Minnesota Waterfall Loop explores the waterfalls of southern Minnesota.

Starting from Minneapolis, this breathtaking 340-mile loop is a fantastic choice for a weekend road trip. Here’s a list of waterfalls in Minnesota you’ll see along this route.

Minnehaha Falls

Before you even head out of Minneapolis, visit Minnehaha Falls and Minnehaha Creek, a spot of pristine nature in the heart of the Twin Cities. We recommend taking advantage of the trails that allow you to approach the falls from different angles.

Vermillion Falls

Once you’re back on your bike, head southeast to the beautiful town of Hastings, home to the less famous Vermillion Falls. Ride off Highway 61 to see the gorgeous 35-foot waterfall cascading into Vermillion River. You can also make a picnic stop at Vermillion Falls Park.

Hidden Falls

From Hastings, head south and into the Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, a 2,800-acre nature preserve that hosts the Hidden Falls. While the 20-foot Hidden Falls may be less striking than other destinations along the Minnesota Waterfall Loop, you’ll enjoy exploring the State Park or just stopping for a while in the quiet woods overlooking Prairie Creek.  

Caron Falls

Just a short ride from Hidden Falls, you’ll reach the lovely 60-acre Caron Park, located near Northfield. Only a few feet high, the little waterfall flows into a peaceful creek. Caron Falls don’t attract a lot of visitors, so you’ll likely have this lovely spot all to yourself.

Minnemishinona Falls

Minnemishinona Falls is another picturesque waterfall that gets only a fraction of the attention it deserves. Located near Mankato, this 42-foot Southern Minnesota waterfall gushes into a gaping rocky gorge. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the park, so it’s a great opportunity to get off your bike, stretch your legs, and enjoy the splendid view from the walking bridge above the falls.

Minneopa Falls

Only a few minutes from Minnemishinona Falls, you’ll find the more famous Minneopa Falls at the Minneopa State Park. Minneopa Falls includes two waterfalls, an 8-foot drop and a second, much more impressive 40-foot fall. Take in the outstanding view from a stone walking bridge above the waterfall or descend into the gorge to approach the falls.

Red Rock Falls

Next, follow the Minnesota Waterfall Loop west to Red Rock Falls County Park. This small, little-known park is home to a narrow but vibrant waterfall cascading into a great rocky gorge. Take the time to explore some of the hiking trails around the park before heading north to the final destination on this loop.

Ramsey Falls

Traveling about 30 miles north on Hwy 71 will take you from Red Rock Falls to the vast Alexander Ramsey Park, home to the magnificent Ramsey Falls, a waterfall that drops 33 feet deep into a rugged gorge. Apart from this scenic waterfall, the park also offers other attractions like a zoo, hiking trails, and a camping ground.

Complete the waterfall loop by taking the US-212 E back to Minneapolis.

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