Friday Night Group Rides in Portland

Harley Davidson electric motorcycle

Are you searching for Portland motorcycle rides for electric vehicles? Then check out the Friday Night Group Ride with the Portland EBoarding Crew. This group ride for personal electric vehicles takes place every Friday and enables local Portland riders to gather in community, get to know one another, and participate in a guided ride. Read ahead to learn all about these Portland group rides. 

What Are the Friday Night Group Rides? 

Friday Night Group Rides are guided riding events sponsored by the Portland EBoarding Crew. All riders of personal electric vehicles are welcome to join these events. If you own an electric skateboard, electric scooter, one-wheel, or Gotway, you’ll fit right in. 

The Friday night group rides begin at 7pm at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). The museum is located at:

1945 SE Water Ave

Portland, OR 97214

What You Need to Know About Friday Night Group Rides

The Portland EBoarding Crew strives to make the Friday Night Group Rides a safe, enjoyable experience for all. The group’s primary rule is to always treat other members respectfully. 

The crew also has a few road safety rules and etiquette reminders for riders, such as:

  • Wear a helmet — it’s mandatory for underage riders and a good idea for everyone
  • Avoid pack mentality and be aware of your own ride
  • Help make sure no riders are left behind
  • Hold a fist above your head to indicate that you’re stopping
  • Hold an arm in the direction you’re turning

The group recommends learning and practicing these guidelines before joining for your first group ride. The Portland EBoarding Crew Friday Night Group Ride is one of the most unique Portland motorcycle rides. Check it out next time you’re interested in bringing your personal electric vehicle out for a joy ride. 

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