From Tallahassee to Pensacola – Top Panhandle Rides in Florida

Florida city view

Riding your motorcycle through Florida allows you to smell the salty air, feel the humid breeze, see beautiful ocean views and summery palm trees, and experience the exciting beach towns and attractions throughout the state. If you’ve never ridden near Florida’s Panhandle, you’ll want to add the area to your itinerary this year. 

Florida’s Panhandle is a strip in the northwestern part of the state that spans around 200 miles. This area offers breathtaking scenery and enjoyable rides for motorcyclists. 

Read on to learn the top Florida Panhandle motorcycle rides 

Tallahassee to Panama City Loop

If you’re looking to experience the full beauty of Florida’s Panhandle, we recommend the Tallahassee to Panama City loop. This loop takes you along the Panhandle’s coast and through laid-back towns like Port St. Joe and Crawfordville. 

You’ll begin in Tallahassee, head south toward Crawfordville, and follow the Panhandle coast from Alligator Point to Panama City. You’ll see beautiful beach views throughout this trip, cross over the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge, and ride alongside Lake Talquin. 

This route will take about four and a half hours from start to finish, though your exact time may vary depending on where you stop and how much traffic you hit in the adjoining cities. 

Apalachicola National Forest Loop

The Florida Panhandle is home to the Apalachicola National Forest, the largest national forest in the state. This forest features unique animal and plant species and lush forest views, among other natural attractions. 

If you’d like to enjoy the natural beauty of the Apalachicola National Forest, why not make a day of it by taking a scenic ride to and from the forest? The Apalachicola National Forest Loop is a three-hour motorcycle ride through the remote landscapes surrounding the National Forest in the Florida Panhandle. 

This route will take you directly through some of the most beautiful sections of the forest and along rural winding roads, making for an enjoyable motorcycle ride. You can begin in Apalachicola, then travel northeast and loop around the forest, eventually heading south and skirting the Panhandle coast before returning to Apalachicola. 

Scenic Highway 30A

There’s nothing quite like riding your bike alongside the sparkling, aqua water of the Gulf of Mexico. Scenic Highway 30A is a scenic route that stretches this beachy coast, offering paradise-like views and the ocean breeze on your back. 

Scenic Highway 30A spans just 24 miles, making it an easy, short route to complete in an afternoon. You can begin the path near Miramar Beach, then hit the following stops along the way:

  • Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
  • Blue Mountain Beach
  • Grayton beach
  • Deer Lake State Park
  • Rosemary Beach
  • Camp Helen State Park

Each of these attractions offers an excellent location to stop, take a break, and enjoy the stunning ocean views. Once you finish the highway route, you can head back along Highway 98 or simply make a U-turn and traverse the coastline again. 

Gulf Coast Scenic Drive 

If you’re looking for another stunning route along the Gulf, you can check out this motorcycle ride between Rosemary Beach and Panama City Beach. This route, known as the Gulf Coast Scenic Drive, begins on Scenic Highway 30A near Rosemary Beach, then splits off onto Highway 98. 

You’ll then travel east until you reach Panama City, where you can experience white-sand beaches, restaurants, resorts, tourist attractions, and bustling city life. While this route offers more of an urban ride than the other rides on our list, you’ll still experience an enjoyable route with attractions and gorgeous beach views along the way. 

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