Get to Know NMMRO – New Mexico Motorcyclist Rights Organization

With the tagline, “Freedom & Independence Start Today,” the NMMRO, New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization, is on a mission. The goal is to help the motorcycling community by staying on top of legislative developments that affect riders and, when possible, lobby for laws that support motorcyclists’ rights.


NMMRO is a non-profit organization that provides these services to riders free of charge, and a paid membership is also an option to help support the mission. Individual riders pay a $20 sign-up fee and an annual fee of $15. Riding organizations can sign up for a total of $100 annually per group.

Members receive the following:

  • NMMRO patches
  • Free event promotion on the NMMRO Facebook page (more than 19,000 followers)
  • Being a part of a community that has a common goal
  • A tax deduction (since NMMRO is a 501(c)(3)) non-profit
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping both local and national riders

How to Join NMMRO

Riders can join NMMRO by attending a monthly meeting. They’re held at noon on the third Saturday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Albuquerque. The address is 2430 Centre Ave SE.

If you’re not free on those dates, you can also mail a check or money order to their post office box. Memberships are also available online for ultimate convenience.

Get Social with NMMRO

We also encourage you to visit NMMRO’s Facebook page. The page admins post at least once per day, and the content is epic.

From heartwarming, sharable photos to important news, this will quickly become your favorite place to hang out on social media.

A week of content could include:

  • Cute photos of kids working on bikes
  • Updates about crashes in the area
  • Gear recommendations
  • Stories about drivers to avoid
  • Safety alerts about road hazards
  • Local events
  • Political updates
  • Invitations to get involved in local politics to protect biker’s interests
  • Stories from mainstream news that you might have missed

In addition to a Facebook page, NMMRO also has a Twitter account, but it has not been updated since 2021 and only has a handful of followers. If you want the latest news and information, we recommend following NMMRO’s Facebook page.

NMMRO’s Current Agenda

The New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization is a highly adaptable committee focused on tackling both immediate and long-term problems the motorcycle community faces. Realizing that many of the challenges that riders deal with are based on legal issues, NMMRO has its finger on the pulse of the political climate, current events, and societal shifts.

The group also puts a lot of effort into educating drivers and other members of the community with information tips to keep everyone safe. For example, NMMRO’s chairman, Raymond Gallegos, recently brought awareness in a news segment televised by KOB4.

The story was prompted by the occurrence of two fatal crashes in the span of a mere 24 hours. Gallegos observed that rising gas prices have motivated people to use more fuel-efficient and cost-effective forms of transportation, including motorcycles. There have been 34 fatalities between January and March of 2022, and Gallegos theorizes that the increased number of bikers is just one factor.

In general, Gallegos notes that riders are less courteous than in previous years, and they are quicker to anger and lash out with instances of road rage. Unfortunately, everyone pays the price, but perhaps the highest price is paid by the family members of the fallen rider.

You can support NMMRO’s mission by becoming a member.

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