Getting a Motorcycle License in Arizona

Motorcycle license Arizona

Are you interested in obtaining a motorcycle license in Arizona but don’t know where to start? Keep reading to learn about the requirements, procedures, and fees. Getting your license will ensure that you are safe and protected while cruising around on your bike.

What Are the Arizona State Requirements for a Motorcycle License?

Just as with any motor vehicle, you must meet some requirements to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license.

First, you must pay a licensing fee. Costs vary based on age.

●        16 to 39 years old: $25

●        40 to 44 years old: $20

●        45 to 49 years old: $15

●        50+ years old: $10

Obtaining a Class M motorcycle license requires that you meet the following:

●        Minimum age: The minimum age to apply is 16.

●        Requirements under 18: If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you must first obtain a valid permit (which we will cover below) for a minimum of six months. You are also required to pass the MVD motorcycle driver’s education program. If you have a legal guardian verify that you spent 30 hours riding with your permit, you can skip the education program.

●        Test requirements: You must receive a passing score on the written basic knowledge test and skills test. We will talk more about these tests next.

How to Obtain a Motorcycle License in Arizona

Obtaining a motorcycle license in Arizona is really not too complicated at all.

Step 1: Get a Permit

The motorcycle learner’s permit costs $7, and you must be over the age of 15.5 to acquire it. The permit will remain effective for seven months, though you can extend it one time after 24 months.

To obtain the permit, you must pass the written and vision tests. If you do not already have a standard driver’s license, the state requires that you pass a written driving test.

Permit restrictions include:

●        You must operate the bike under licensed driver supervision.

●        You may not drive after dark.

●        You may not carry passengers on the highway or freeway.

Step 2: Complete the License Application

If you are older than 18 years old, you may bypass getting a permit and start right at this step. To receive a Motorcycle endorsement, you must complete the following tasks:

●        Between ages 16 and 18: Before applying, you must obtain your permit for six months, then log 30 hours of driving practice or attend a training course.

●        Older than 18: If you’re over 18 with a standard license, you have to take the motorcycle test, attend the training course, and pay the endorsement fee. If you are not yet licensed, you must first pass the standard driver’s license test.

Step 3: Pass the Written Exam and Driving Test

Before endorsement, the Department of Transportation must approve that all license applicants have passed the motorcycle training course and skills test.

●        Written test: You will have three chances to score a passing grade on the written exam over the course of three months. You should study for this using proper documentation or certified courses.

●        Driving test: The motorcycle skills test will give you about 10 minutes to display your capability of handling and maneuvering a motorcycle. This exam will only take place on closed roads.

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