Getting a Wyoming Motorcycle License

Motorcycle course training for a License in Wyoming

If you want to operate a motorcycle on the road, you’ll need a motorcycle license. Each state has its own licensing processes, so you’ll want to obtain the appropriate license for your state of residence. The licensing process also ensures that you know how to operate your motorcycle safely and ride defensively to avoid accidents. 

Read on to learn the process of getting a Wyoming motorcycle license. 

Step 1: Obtain Your Permit 

Some states require motorcyclists to obtain a permit before receiving a license endorsement. In Wyoming, the permit process is optional for adult riders. However, most riders choose to obtain a permit to practice operating a motorcycle on the road before receiving their licenses. 

Anyone 15 or older can apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit in Wyoming. Motorcycle permits are valid for 90 days and allow riders to operate their motorcycles on public roads without passengers. 

You can receive a permit by visiting your local WYDOT office and passing a written exam and a vision screening. You must also pay a fee for the permit. 

We recommend obtaining a permit as the first step in your motorcycle licensing process. 

Step 2: Pass a Skills Test

The Wyoming motorcycle license process includes two exams: a written knowledge exam and an on-bike skills test. If you choose to obtain a permit, you will take the knowledge exam as part of this process. As a result, you will not need to retake the written exam to obtain your license. 

The on-road skills test allows you to demonstrate that you understand how to operate your motorcycle safely and follow traffic laws. You can accomplish this step in the licensing process in two ways:

  • Schedule and take a skills test at your local WYDOT office.
  • Complete a qualifying motorcycle safety course. 

Many organizations throughout Wyoming offer safety courses through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. These classes allow you to learn basic riding skills with a group of other beginners. Once you complete a course, you can receive a completion card to take to the WYDOT office to waive the skills test. 

Step 3: Visit the WYDOT Office

Once you’ve completed the written and skills tests, you can visit a WYDOT office to obtain your motorcycle endorsement. Be sure to bring:

  • Your permit (if you have one)
  • Your driver’s license 
  • Your skills test completion card
  • Your written test results

Step 4: Pay Any Applicable Fees

WYDOT charges a few fees for motorcyclists, as follows:

  • Permit: $10
  • Motorcycle education course: $50 Wyoming residents / $150 non-residents
  • Motorcycle endorsement: $6

If you do not already have a driver’s license, you’ll also need to pay a $40 fee to obtain this license. 

Step 5: Continue Improving Your Motorcycle Skills and Knowledge

Your motorcycle education shouldn’t end once you receive your license. Instead, the best motorcyclists are ones who continually update their training and skills. 

We recommend taking a motorcycle training course every year or two to refresh your skills. Many organizations offer courses for intermediate and advanced riders that provide essential skills for staying safe on the road. You can learn how to:

  • Avoid rear-end collisions
  • Improve braking and cornering
  • Gain more precision and control
  • Improve perception and hazard awareness
  • Enhance operating skills 

Many courses only span one or two days, making them easy to fit into your schedule. They also offer excellent opportunities to get to know other motorcyclists in your area and build a biker community. 

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